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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Radio 1 protest perfect example of sleepy hobbits

Student radio station sale slammed
Musicians and media have hit out at plans to sell student radio station Radio One as an attack on the cultural heart of Dunedin.

Shock horror, Dunedin University's Radio One is being sold by the Otago University Student Association as the Voluntary Student Membership Bill inches closer to destroying all of the University Associations forcing them to sell their assets.

The Chills' Martin Phillipps, Lawrence Arabias' James Milne and TV3's Samantha Hayes attacked the decision to sell Radio One and provides this weeks perfect example of this country's sleepy-hobbit-doesn't-see-the-wider-ramifications-until-it-hits-them syndrome.

Don't get me wrong Whanau, It's great that cultural luminaries like Samantha Hayes are attacking the sale of Radio One, but where were they all 12 months ago when ACT Party Free Market Zombie Roger Douglas was holding his Spanish Inquisitions into destroying Student Unions because the only reason Otago are being forced to consider selling Radio 1 is because Student Unionship provides the cash for them to run their assets. No cash-flow, goodbye assets.

I turned up at the select committees last year, I told Roger Douglas to his face that banning student unions was an intellectual patsy being given to him in the vain hope that he would shut up about flat tax and that he was nothing short of a political vandal for destroying student unions.

That us as sleepy hobbits can't connect the reality of the policy beyond John Key's smile and wave routine is an indictment into how easily led we are.

Wake up sleepy Hobbits.



At 6/7/11 12:52 pm, Blogger JonL said...

Looking in from the outside, I have given up wondering at the naievete and blindness of the NZ Public to what is going on around them, and have decided most of them are terminally stupid, and almost deserve what they get! Almost!
No country deserves what is happening in NZ. - it ain't Greece, yet, but just give it time. Some people are on to it, but most just don't seem to care!
It's obviously too much to hope for an Iceland reaction........

At 6/7/11 1:51 pm, Blogger AAMC said...

I'm not espousing any opinion on student unions. I never went to university and so have never been a member of one.

I have spent a life time listening to student radio though, and see all of it's benefits, from the promotion if local talent to a training ground for our broadcasters and journalists.

Is there an argument that the funding for these culturally important institutions should come from somewhere else in the university budget?

Also, why is American corporation Deloite being commissioned to asses the viability of our cultural institutions?

At 6/7/11 2:41 pm, Blogger Gosman said...

What happened to Radio Active when VUWSA sold it off in the early 1990's?

At 6/7/11 2:57 pm, Blogger Bomber said...

YAWN - Gosy, after getting it wrong about mana, wrong about climate denial, wrong about Hone winning and wrong about supporting antiMMP groups that appoint white supremacists as founding members, I'm surprised you still pretend your opinion matters.

Tell me what happened to the Waikato student associations radio station when they privatised it in the 1990s Gosy?

At 6/7/11 3:44 pm, Blogger Gosman said...

Considering I've never expressed an opinion about Mana or Mr Harawira's chances of winning and don't know what you are meaning regarding climate denial or your point in bringing up the anti-MMP group this looks like a rather pathetic attempt to avoid the question.


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