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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Public Health campaign needed to convince Teens to smoke real marijuana over synthetic marijuana

Have we got to the farcical position that we actually need public health campaigns urging teenagers to smoke real marijuana and not the synthetic cannabis Kronic after revelations of all sorts of prescription drugs turning up in packets of their pineapple express super juicy bud-tastic range of fake weed crap?

How come we can move like the wind in shutting down a drug that has been suspected in the death of one teenager when alcohol which kills 20 a week and causes 200 assaults a day seemingly can't be regulated beyond raising the drinking age to 20 as if our country's addiction to alcohol is just a youth problem.

The level of denial one needs to have reached to believe that raising the drinking age will do anything if it isn't connected to banning booze in supermarkets, lowering blood alcohol levels and zero tolerance on advertising is so deep, one would need to believe we are winning the war on drugs by continuing with this prohibition farce.

Why is it always the most uptight arseholes that desperately need a joint. Forget planking Peter Dunne, try bonging instead.
Maybe if he chilled out, his toupee would finally accept his Facebook friend request.



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