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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Police harassing Unionists and Mana Party Member Sue Bradford for RWC protests

Sue Bradford on her Facebook has just announced that she has been questioned by the Police for protest plans during the Rugby World Cup...

...this follows a recent pattern of Police harassment against UNITE Union organisers who have also been hassled for protest information at their homes in the past month as well.

We have a fever pitch election combining with Union protests rushing against drunken rugby fans. The final ingredient for a Queen St riot will be over zealous cops.

Since when did the NZ Police have the right to hassle legitimate political activists and unionists for a bloody Rugby game?

If the mainstream media are finished with the bloody penguin and ignoring my anti-mmp supremacist revelations, could they ask if Police should be harassing unionists and political activists for a bloody rugby game?

Let's put the blame for the impending Queen st riot where it deserves to be if over zealous Police are part of the problem. National used the manufactured crises at the hobbit to turn NZer against NZer by blaming the Unions in the most hysterical union bashing we've seen since the waterfront strike, and I don't doubt for one second that they would do it again by provoking protesters with heavy handed policing to manufacture a riot during the RWC just before the election.

Muldoon used the Springbok tour as divisive politics at its most blunt, ignorant and brutal and if the election is as close as I believe it will be, the pressure exerted by the powerful money men onto John-hard -calls-in-the-heat-of-the-moment-vacant-aspiration-Key will be immense and I don't think Crosby and Textor will be advising gentle tactics here.

The Privatization Industry have waited 3 long years on the slow boat to Shire Trust via the smile and wave policy and they want their corporate pound of flesh now.

Just for the sake of irony, make sure to invite Dave Dobbyn to sing at the protests.



At 5/7/11 7:19 am, Blogger Global Conscience said...

The RWC will be such a fantastic spectacle that National are relying on nothing going wrong to get them re elected. Nothing must stop pictures of peaceful New Zealand Rugby grounds filled with happy people being broadcast all over the world. People watching television anywhere in the world must say to themselves "That is a great green pitch, look at all those smiling people, and those goal posts. We have to go to New Zealand and see those grounds." Protests will abliterate the great tourism advertising NZ will get from the spectacle. And Don Key needs tourism to create low paying transient 90 day jobs to make the economy look good.
So get behind the RWC New Zealand so that New Zealand can be come the sweat shop of the Pacific that Bill English wants us to.

At 5/7/11 11:54 pm, Blogger Frank said...

Global Conscience...

You left out Key's title: Dear Leader.

(It works for our North Korean cuzzies.)


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