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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

NZIFF: The Woman

The Woman

Oh. My. God. The only thing more disturbing than this brilliant black comedy was the audience who turned up to watch this demented journey of a psychopathic chauvinist patriarch who captures a 'wild' woman and decides to 'keep' her. It was like the Josef Fritzl Sadomasochist appreciation club turned up to watch, never before has so much facial hair been misplaced on so many rain coated freaks.

The film is an uncomfortable watch, the tenseness of the family bond when the Dad is such a crazy, the moment he slaps his wife for daring to question if keeping the wild woman is legal is only matched when the wild woman bites his finger off and spits out his wedding ring at him - a glorious victory for feminists everywhere.

This shocker of a movie has it all - cannibalism, teen pregnancy, masturbation while using pliers on nipples, lesbian teachers having their throats ripped out and a touching mother daughter family moment at the end.

'The Woman' is a punch in the balls to the facade of civility in our deeply sexist culture where women are second class citizens in their own country's. The only thing missing that would have made this a 4 star movie is a fitting castration scene for the Father.

This movie will have Women's Studies students busy for decades.


PS - Ant Timpson (who has once again out done himself with a his brilliant selections this year - wanted it noted that there were walk outs, and he's right, there certainly were).



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