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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

New lows by the 'fair and balanced' mainstream media

The Mainstream media who in the wake of their bias and miscalling of the Te Tai Tokerau by-election managed to in the last 7 days plumb new lows of banality . I'm not sure what I can't stand listening to more, Paul Henry back on RadioLive or Oliver Driver as the new voice of Comedy Central. They're both like wolverines nails on Glenn Beck's blackboard.

The week started like an episode of the Twilight Zone on acid when TV3's film critic awarded Kung Fu Panda 2 4 stars?!? Did Dreamworks buy 3 extra stars with their TV advertising spend did they?

This was eclipsed by the Herald on Sunday who ran an article on how sexy our SAS soliders were and how they could be male catwalk models. Yes Herald on Sunday, propping up a corrupt Narko state regime while we hand over civilians to known torture units is so fucking sexy.

Perhaps Herald on Sunday need to see some pictures of Afghanistan kids our bombs accidentally blow up, they're wearing brain splatter this season I'm told.

The worst mainstream Fox News media moment of this week however whanau went to stuff.co.nz who didn't even manage to get around to covering the story outing a white supremacist attempting to adopt less representative forms of electoral system. The big story Stuff went with on the day was that the bloody penguin is a boy. Apparently knowing the gender of a horribly lost penguin IS A BIGGER STORY than a white supremacist being outed as a founding member of a group attempting to change our political system and the resignation of the only token lefty.

How do they manage not to be sued by the Consumer Guarantees Act for false advertising by calling themselves news agencies?

The only good thing about the mainstream media this week whanau was the announcement of the Michael Laws-Ken Mair celebrity boxing match. Never before have so many NZers wanted to be Ken Mair.



At 6/7/11 5:02 pm, Blogger Tiger Mountain said...

Pretty revolting stuff really, but some are into it, I recall “Blinglish” put the boxing gloves on a few years back.

Hard to pick this one, Mair is ex Navy, and despite being anti Mana, should win just for the pride of the Tangata Whenua but if if Laws has a good toot or two of meth and feels no pain who knows?

At 7/7/11 2:52 pm, Blogger Longtack said...

Ken will whip his arris good. That is my wish.

At 7/7/11 4:57 pm, Blogger ewingsc said...

"Perhaps Herald on Sunday need to see some pictures of Afghanistan kids our bombs accidentally blow up"

They wouldn't understand what they were looking at.


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