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Thursday, July 14, 2011

National need to soften NZers to sell TVNZ to Rupert Murdoch

Can the Rupert Murdoch's meltdown have happened to a nicer guy? Revelations that his management team were aware of phone hacking of murdered girls, dead soldiers, 9-11 victims, the former Prime Minister all the while bribing cops, the list of unethical muck raking goes on and on and on, leaving one question, how on earth can the Government con NZers into selling TVNZ to Rupert Murdock now?

One of the worst kept secrets of this Government is their intention to privatize TVNZ the second they become Government if they manage to con enough sleepy hobbits in this years election.

The Government needs a PR campaign to soften NZers up for selling TVNZ to Rupert, don't think of him as Rupert Murdoch - phone hacking power hungry media mogul who empowers Fox news to be the propaganda arm of the Republican Party, think of him as the Uncle Rupert who would bring back Paul Henry and appoint Michael Laws, Leighton Smith, Paul Holmes and Alasdair Thompson as the new line up for 6pm Network News .



At 15/7/11 12:28 pm, Blogger Frank said...

Sell TVNZ to Murdoch?!

Oh dear god, no...


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