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Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Nation and q+a review

The Nation
Oh God it's a Grant Dalton wankfest - what the bloody hell does this have to do with politics? Scoop this week from Duncan is Colin James, he was pointing out that the Capital Gains tax is actually very popular (mainstream media still can't get their head around how popular it is) the over reaction and the contradiction from the National Party is embarrassing ('dagger through the heart of growth' - what frustrated arts graduate in the National Party Research Unit came up with that clunker of a line?)

David Parker is on up against Bill English. Duncan is annoyed that the CGT isn't grandfathered, and is concerned he can't write his home off as a business and will have to pay capital gains tax. Boo hoo for rich people like Duncan. I love how most of the msm journalists asking questions of the CGT are doing so because they all fall into this top tax bracket now, how unfair and biased is that?

Prepackaged story on CGT is good (The Nation do pre-produced current affairs better than anyone else in the game, always well researched and intelligent).

Duncan wants to know what the cash he will raise from a CGT will be spent on, 40% to debt repayment, 40% on tax switch and 10% on economic development.

Parker is good, bloody good and Duncan throws the kitchen sink at him, he withstands the lot.

The msm are having a real problem killing off the CGT, God I love watching them squirm trying it.

Duncan is left holding up his cheap bullshit brainfart opinion polls with flawed methodology as proof Labour aren't gaining any traction on this.

Yawn, the same cheap bullshit brainfart polls with flawed methodology that claimed Brown and Banks was neck and neck and the same cheap bullshit brainfart polls with flawed methodology that claimed Hone was only 1% ahead, double yawn.

Bill English is on desperately trying to save face, they have miscalculated so badly over CGT you actually feel sorry for him. He astoundingly claims it is not immoral for people making money on shares to not pay any tax whatsoever.


Gareth Morgan on attacking Nationals position and congratulating Labour for the CGT. Describes National's response as stunned mullets.

Next is a Grant Dalton wankfest, changing channels to comedy central now, Futurama is on.

Good show by The Nation while it stayed on politics.

Monologue up and running. Tax jokes galore and plenty of shit thrown at Rupert Murdoch and Don Brash. Hilarious stuff. Dig at Hone, no surprises there.Next it's the collapse of the worlds economic structure again, I love watching the right try and explain the collapse of the free market, it's funnier than the jokes.

The exclusive with the CNBC is excellent.

Cunliffe's on and Andrew Little and Don Nicholson go head to head as well.

Guyon is attacking the CGT (surprise, surprise), Cunliffe's too good for that, dances around Guyon. The right wing msm are having no joy attacking the CGT, it's a joy to watch.

Watching Guyon get slap down after slap down is making my weekend. The headline should read, 'Lefty beats up right wing clown live on air', Labour have so much traction on the CGT it's actually spooky.

The panel is Gareth and Mike Williams plus that female academic they throw on when they can't get Dr Jon. Mike and Gareth love CGT. It's delicious.

Clare claims the CGT won't change the election, she is so wrong, all Labour need to do is get the 200 000 Labour voters who didn't vote last time to vote this time, and these policies on CGT, GST off fruit and vegetables and the first $5000 tax free do that.

Little vs Nicholson. It's not much of a fight, Don's a crazy climate denier ACT Party nutbar, good riddance to bad rubbish, ACT are so racist now they deserve nothing but contempt.

I'm off to interview David Cunliffe for an exclusive on Tumeke ..



At 18/7/11 11:47 am, Blogger Kelzie said...

Brilliant Blog Bomber and so accurate. Everything you said is what me and my partner were yelling at the TV. Guyon is such a wanker. Getting all hot and bothered, trying to get a scoop out of what .....it's embarrassing to watch, kind of change the channel on the bad idol singer embarrassing. Here's a thought Guyon, just ask a bloody question without trying to be a smarty pants. You are not good at it.

Cuniliffe was brilliant. Well done. No mad agenda there despite the right trying to perpetuate the myth.

Yes, Gareth and Mike were great. Good viewing.

Grant Dalton, loser. Trying to sponge more millions for mediocre results. Get lost rich b..... Fund you're own hobby thanks.

At 18/7/11 3:58 pm, Blogger Unemployed Reporter said...

Brainfarters that is , that who they are, nothing but shit talkers in the Nats and their lackeys in TVNZ and the Herald.Please, please we need some common sense, some intelligent politics that critics and analises not dictate the views of their owners.

At 18/7/11 11:06 pm, Blogger Frank said...

Sorry, Bomber, I have to disagree with you about "The Nation". Here's why... http://tinyurl.com/3gb8g7c


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