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Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Nation and q+a review

Last weeks ratings
There was so much anger over last weeks ratings results that I didn't get them again this week, the reality is The Nation ain't rating and there's a very good reason it ain't. Who thought having an urban tv station do right ring political shows would rate? Aucklander's are not hard right, yet what is effectively Auckland TV (that's really what TV3 is) puts out this weird right wing current affairs show at 11am on Saturday (I'm a news junkie and I never watch it on a Saturday) and replays it Sunday and has such a mix of dry right wingers it makes Roger Kerr look balanced. This show with talent like Duncan and Sean should rate it's arse off but it doesn't and won't because it keeps missing that it's mostly urban audience are not this right wing. Q+A made the same mistakes when they started until they clicked on the public broadcasting model and added articulate lefties to their panel, why The Nation can't work this out is beyond me.

The Nation
The Nation has the usual spook on from the housing market promising the 4 Horsemen of the Apocolypse about to destroy NZ if a capital
gains tax comes to NZ - yawn. The Government and it's flunkies don't understand that NZers actually want a Capital Gains tax because they
see that our unbalanced economy desperately needs it because it's 4billion per year forever where as National's plan to sell Assets will only
generate a one off hit.

Russell from the Greens is on annoyed that Labour have copied his Capital Gains Tax, he's loving the debate and because of Labour's
brilliant soft launch of this policy, Russell is being forced to front foot the issue while National keep punching at shadows until Labour sets
the agenda on Thursday.

Really good piece on immigrant workers - The Nation do the best current affairs stories in NZ Broadcasting.

THANK CHRIST that The Nation have clicked that if the Government won't front with a Minister to debate the issues raised in the immigration story then they go to the Opposition and give them the platform like they did this morning. Coleman wouldn't front so The Nation went to Ruth Dyson, National will be eyeing that with concern, they can't afford to hide in the run up to the election and must start fronting
these debates.

Ruth was really good.

Oh God the panel is so dull it makes Media 7 look alive (and seeing as Media 7 is officially the dullest show on TV EVER, that is a terrible
insult to The Nation). WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE ON THE PANEL? I've been in NZ media for almost 2 decades and Iv never heard of
either of them, for the love of God, I run a bloody panel show, it rates almost as much as The Nation does and I manage to find talent, how
can a show with 50 times my budget end up with such dull television? But then again I think that about Media 7 as well, but at least Media 7
will end soon.

I dream one day of producing The Nation.

To be honest, after Paul's horrific bloody column about banning the burqa in The Herald yesterday I'm surprised he's been allowed back on.

It's a wanky 'innovation special'. Wank, wank, wank.

Yawn. Sam Morgan is loved because he lives the NZ dream, to be so rich that you don't have to pay tax . His infamous statement that he
was able to effectively pay no tax has become an aspiration statement which in itself needs to be challenged, it doesn't.

The way we 'move forward' is we bloody make sure these rich buggers pay their tax. If we were serious about innovation we would invest heavily in making science compulsory throughout education.

This entire hour could be summed up by 'innovation happens when rich mum and dad put money into your pocket for your crazy idea'.

Im bored with this show, I wonder if in light of Rupert Murdock's evil being outed as bluntly as it has over the phone taping scandal in Britain if the Government are still planning to sell TVNZ off to him? Why can't we have a show on that?

I'm in Wellington and have to catch a flight back to Auckland so won't bother watching the rest of this, was down as the guest speaker at Annette King's dinner last night.

Oh the gossip, oh the gossip.



At 10/7/11 11:46 am, Blogger flemhoof said...

the herald business section had some total knob warning that capital gains tax would send property investors to aussie and lose nz their TALENT!exsqueeze me but what talent,it doesn't take talent to be a slumlord, just greed and credit. what chance of making it a criminal offense to pass on the cost to the tenant?

At 10/7/11 11:04 pm, Blogger AAMC said...

The talent's already running fast as it can to Australia. It's subdividers, loggers, milkers and holiday toll road builders we're left with. nothing like a bit of 100 year old innovation.


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