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Sunday, July 03, 2011

The Nation and q+a review

Last weeks ratings
After bitching for weeks, I'm getting these again. Q+A got 218 710 viewers last week while The Nation scored a measly 49 060 viewers. That's pretty piss poor for The Nation, but then again what do you expect from what is in fact just an extension of the National Party on air. Does David Farrar produce The Nation? Why can't the Nation extend their budget to finding a suit that fits Sean Plunkett? He looks like he has multiple humps.

The Nation
Fear mongering about Maori's stealing back their fauna and culture with the grand old wizard of NZ punditry, Colin James. It's baby boomer views with baby boomer opinions using Generation X taxes to pay for the entire thing.


Queensland's mass privatization agenda is being examined so we can all glimpse the horror of the National Party. The Nation does its best to anathematize NZ for these with the cheerleading that passes as mainstream media commentary in this country. I always make fun on Citizen A about being as fair and balanced as Fox News, more and more that seems to be the actual default setting for the mainstream. When Don Brash claimed ACT wasn't any more extreme than Australia Labour, that wasn't an endorsement of ACT, it was an indication of how far right Australia Labour Party is. National must be viewing this and thinking to themselves, 'if the idiot Ozzies fall for this privatization bullshit, we can get away with it'.

The clusterfuck we are buying into by allowing our multi-millionaire vacant aspiration clown to privatize our assets to his wealth class mates could go down as the single dumbest things NZers ever did. God I'm looking forward to that 'I told you so' moment once all the horror stories are born out by privatization if the sleepy hobbits don't wake up before the next election. Especially if they are reliant on the usual mainstream media baby boomer punditry - all of whom were wrong in calling Te Tai Tokerau.

No Politicians would turn up to debate the privatization agenda. With ratings like 49 060 viewers who would? Helen Kelly saves their bacon by agreeing to turn up so that there is something that passes for debate rather than just reading out National Party Press Releases.

Helen is great. Points out there is nothing valid in privatization. Sean then claims public polling is showing that people trust Key - Helen should now be shitting all over his cheap telephone public opinion polls, point out the last two big mistakes of that. She doesn't. Pity.

Sean is more electric and on attack than any other show I've seen him on. Nice to see he only wants to fight when the Union are on, when it's a Government Minister, it's soft cooing while Sean gently nuzzles their necks, Helen's on and it's aggressive question after aggressive question. YAWN - what's on Comedy Central? Hogan's Heroes. Hmmm, 50 year old comedy or listen to The Nation cheerlead for John Key.


Apparently Hogan is trying to spoil a Nazi plan to launch a new type of rocket. Hilarity ensues. At least it isn't as obvious as The Nation.

Flick back, obviously no one has agreed to turn up on The Nation because Helen is still on - NOW having to justify where the Government finds a billion if we don't sell assets - why the hell is it Helen's job to come up with that? How come they had the money for tax cuts? SCF? AMI? Don't tell us you don't have the money - YOU'VE GOT THE MONEY, it's just about where you spend what we have.

Why is Helen having to come up for solutions to John Key's economic mismanagement of the economy?

Professor Aroha Mead is on for a discussion about the results of the new ruling on flora and fauna. Oh. My. God, Sean asked if it would mean more taniwhas? Oh how embarrassing for TV3. Professor Mead chokes when he asks that. That sets the tone for the debate, thank God there is a double episode of Hogan's Heroes on Comedy Central.

The panel, finally something worth while. Fran O'Sullivan and the brilliant Matt Nippett. Both shit on the Government's partial privatization plans.

Oh well, at least the panel didn't suck and I got to find out how Hogan managed to defeat the Nazis again.

Guyon, the man who called it for Kelvin in the TTT electorate is hosting. Show is about India (yawn - why not focus on the American Free Trade deal which will be far more draconian), Shane Jones is on with something witty to say about the flora and fauna deal. Didn't catch the panel, but am guessing it's baby boomers explaining why they need to keep screwing over Gen X.

Couldn't believe that baby boomer wannabe, and Q+A producer, Tim Watkin, the dullest man in NZ Media (yes he beats Russell Brown, I KNOW - how is that possible?) was wanking on about Maori being the losers when Hone winning on his Pundit Blog last week because Hone wont play the white man game baby boomer wannabe Tim Watkin and his middle class ilk wants him to dance.

Can't wait to feed those words back to him come the election.

He's tedious, but not as tedious as todays Q+A.

All terribly dull. A FUTURAMA REPEAT IS ON COMEDY CENTRAL! Thank Christ! Saved myself a terribly boring morning.



At 3/7/11 1:51 pm, Blogger alz said...

Fuck watching Sky for breakfast, go walk the dog.

At 3/7/11 5:52 pm, Blogger Frank said...

Alz - problem. We don't have a dog.

And walking the bunny doesn't seem very macho...

Anyway, back on topic. We've watched "The Nation" a few times and it seems to be populated predominantly by dark-suited pakeha blokes in their 30s and 40s.

Q+A at least makes an effort to bring on-board maori, women, etc. That, at leaves, gives a varied perspective on matters.

TVNZ - if you happen to be reading this: Take note!

Alz - ok, will try walking the bunny...

At 4/7/11 9:14 am, Blogger pollywog said...

Tim Watkin, the dullest man in NZ Media (yes he beats Russell Brown, I KNOW - how is that possible?)

I'ma have to call bullshit on you there Bomber.

Rusty Brown For the win!


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