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Monday, July 18, 2011

'MallardGate' short of a gate, wall and a fence

Mallard dragged down by email
Labour's Trevor Mallard has been left with a slightly red face after a blogger obtained an email Mr Mallard sent to party campaigners on how to sell the party's new tax policy.

Oh yawn. Trev could you just add Cam to the email list in future so he can stop pretending to get scoops over basic election advice you send out? It's not the Hollow Men emails Cam, it's pretty pedestrian advice for Labour punters.

If this is the best counter spin against the almost universal support for a Capital Gains Tax, Cam should be worried.

Tapu Misa once again nails it, Goff's tax plan a start to a fairer society



At 18/7/11 10:56 pm, Blogger Frank said...

Actually, Bomber, that's pretty damn good advice. They SHOULD put Slater on Labour's mailing lists. He'll soon get tired of opening and reading each one. *snigger*


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