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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

K rd RWC assault alleyways

Good to see the NZ Herald catching up with issues Tumeke has been discussing for months...

K Rd bus shelters $2m toilet, says union chief
New bus shelters being built on Karangahape Rd risk becoming a $2 million-plus set of public toilets, says a union leader who represents bus drivers.

...some of the decisions to tart Auckland up in time for the RWC are outright vandalism, like putting a dirty great big handrail down the middle of Myer's Park 98 year old stair well. or decisions like wrongfully painting over legitimate street art on Poynton Terrace by anti-graffetti nazi Rob Shields who now chairs the committee as to how the $10 000 Council grant for more art should be spent.

Expect his decision to be as creative as cardboard.

But the worst looming fiasco are the new bus shelters on K Road which obscures pedestrians from the road along a narrow ill devised corridor in what I'm quaintly going to refer to as the Rugby World Cup Assault Alleyways. How this has managed to get to the building stage without any actual appreciation that they are building two long passageways obscured from the road that invite ambush is beyond me.

It's like the Council are purposely constructing a 'killzone' for locals.

The design is stupid and ill thought out, just like the painting over of legitimate street art and the purposful wrecking of the Myers Park stairs.

It's like not only will this RWC cost us a fortune, it will be used to increase Police powers to hassle Mana members and Unite Union organisers, it will see a spike in sexual assaults, it will see private company homeless hit squads sweeping away transients (so as not to remind our visitors we are the 7th most unequal country in the OECD) AND we have to put up with petty vandalism of the inner city as well?

I'm so sick of Rugby being the default hope for the economy, it ain't going to do a bloody thing to compensate the vast sum of cash that has already been pissed away on this joke cloud tent and so called 'hospitality training'.



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