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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

John Key's dagger and his 4 Horsemen of the Capital Gains Tax

This is John Key's Chicken Little week. He's running out of horsemen of the apocalypse to terrify NZers with; he's used up Famine, Death and Plague to describe what will happen if Labour's 'dagger through the heart' Capital Gains Tax is implemented and now he's left with War to frighten us over the supposed flood gates of refugees  who are going to swamp us from Sri Lanka.

As Amnesty International points out, he is scaremongering about the refugees. What's going on here is that ACT have outdone themselves with their race baiting this week, and National needs to throw their redneck rump constituents a bit of raw meat to keep the party faith and no one is easier to blame than refugees fleeing war zones. He's competing for dog whistles. 

As for the Capital Gains Tax, here's a list of people who now all agree with Labour…

The Dominion Post
Herald on Sunday
Gisborne Herald
Waikato Times
The Greens
and columnists
Paul Little
Mike Hosking
Gordon Campbell
Anthony Hubbard
Patrick Smellie
Vernon Small
Corin Dann
Andrea Vance
John Hartvell
Matthew Hooten
John Roughan
Duncan Garner
John Armstrong
Bernard Hickey
Academic tax experts, economists and Treasury

And here's the list of people who agree with John Key...

John Key, ACT and the IRD. (cough) That's a lonely threesome

We need to stop borrowing and we need to stop cutting public services, the way we do that is expand the tax take by taxing those currently rich enough to hide their wealth.

When John Key attacks the Capital Gains Tax, he isn't speaking for the benefit of NZ, he is speaking for the benefit of his wealth class, he described Labour's Capital Gain's Tax as a 'dagger through the heart of growth', what?

A 'dagger through the heart of growth'. Who the bloody hell uses daggers these days? Where did Key get this dagger from? Was it left over from a Young Nat hazing ritual was it? 'I solemnly kiss the sacred dagger of Adam Smith and shall drive it into the heart of a socialist before i ever vote for a redistributive tax system'. 'Dagger through the heart of growth', what frustrated Arts Graduate in the National Party Research Unit came up with that clunker?



At 13/7/11 9:36 am, Blogger Possom said...

Just because you have a list of people who agree with Labours CGT doesnt make it a good idea!

At 13/7/11 10:00 am, Blogger Bomber said...

It shows that right wingers support it and point out Key is wrong - Hooten is a lefty is he? John Roughan is a lefty is he? The Herald is left leaning is it?

At 13/7/11 12:30 pm, Blogger Frank said...

Possom said... "Just because you have a list of people who agree with Labours CGT doesnt make it a good idea!" (13/7/11 9:36 AM)

Well, that's an argument-winner!

Tell me possum, if three doctors all agree on a diagnosis and prescribe an appropriate treatement, do you still tell them "it's not a good idea"?

Because from where I'm standing, it seems that those who agree with a Capital Gains Tax are a fairly broad representation of New Zealand society and commerce.

Of course, maybe the reason that National doesn't like the proposed CGT is this: http://www.stuff.co.nz/dominion-post/news/politics/5019526/How-many-properties-do-MPs-need

At 13/7/11 7:12 pm, Blogger CrownRetro said...

Capital gains tax, Mana Party, what else is Key scaremongering?

Oh yeah, refugees are scarey as well. South African's fleeing to NZ from Nelson Mandala are most welcome, but poor brown people in leaky boats escaping persecution are frightening.

At 14/7/11 8:29 am, Blogger franky said...

gee bomber,dunno why you left out blade running with a big holey bucket tariana turia.. i have seen things you people would not believe.capital gains attax ships on fire off the shoulder of the IRD.i watched cheap rentals glitter in the dark near Cook's garden gate.all these houses will be lost in tax,like levies in the rain.time to die....franky says


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