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Sunday, July 24, 2011

John Key and his Norway justification for occupying Afghanistan

I love it how when a 'Muslim extremist' kills someone, then there is this immediate demand from the media for Muslim leaders to give a denouncement of the violence and an apology on behalf of the entire Muslim faith. When a white right wing Christian goes on the rampage it's 'he was acting on his own'.

According to John Key, we are in Afghanistan to prevent terror attacks like the one in Norway. The one in Norway was of course conducted by a right wing fundy Christian, using John's logic, shouldn't we be sending the SAS into Church's and start mass arresting Priests?

Propping up a corrupt Narco State while handing civilians over to known torture units is one thing, holding up a domestic terror attack by a fundy far right Christian as our justification for continued occupation in Afghanistan is however an audacity too far.

The only thing one can be certain of is that John Key, if re-elected, will have the promise not to resend the SAS back in Afghanistan gone before dinner, he has traded our independent foreign policy for slavish observance to America and it's 51st state, Israel, and that's why Key has hushed up Israel harvesting NZ Passports again, that's why NZ is being conned into a draconian free trade deal with America.



At 24/7/11 10:24 pm, Blogger macdoctor said...

Except you don't see Christians dancing in the street celebrating the death of Norwegians, do you? In fact, you don't see one squeak of approval from even the most "extreme" right wingers. ,That is the difference. No-one wants Muslims to condemn Islam, just the atrocities committed in the name of Allah.

At 25/7/11 5:52 am, Blogger Bomber said...

For a fundy Christian Dr who believes in his right to turn down women wanting abortions, this is the best justification you've got for 'my religion is better than your religion' Mac Dr?


Are you a little embarrassed you posted this late last night without running it over your own personal hypocrisies first?

I've got plenty of time for God Mac, I just can't stand his sanctimonious followers like you.

At 25/7/11 10:03 am, Blogger Frank said...

Macdoctor, all you need to do is enter "muslims condemn islamic extremism" in Google search, and you get this result: http://tinyurl.com/4ymovdq .

Time taken: 5 seconds.

Time required to wipe the prejudice from your head: life-span of an ever-expanding Universe.

And I'll bet you $100 to your favourite charity that if I were to log on to a right-wing christian extremist blog, that you'd find other nutters cheering on that Norwegian headcase.

At 25/7/11 11:24 am, Blogger fatty said...

I think Macdoctor and his mates are too busy giving each other high-fives over the latest dead Palestinian baby...or maybe patting themselves on the back for feeding Christians in Southern Sudan, meanwhile not sharing the aid with the Northern Muslims


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