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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Israeli spy nest exposed in Christchurch Earthquake

So there was an Israeli intelligence unit harvesting NZ passports caught up in the Christchurch earthquake was there? The Israeli PM calls John Key 4 times, the Israeli's are whisked away while a Mossad clean up team is sent in and they exploit the opportunity by attempting to hack into the Police National Intelligence computer and our SAS caught them illegally in the redzone?

And this isn't in the National interest how?

Being the head of the SIS, Key would have known all about this, and if evidence existed then of course he wouldn't tell the public, National have dumped having any independent foreign policy and have made us lapdogs to American and Israeli interests, let's not forget John Key was one of the last Western leaders to continue to support the Egyptian dictator even while Egyptians were on the streets dying for their right to democracy and NZ dutifully follows America and Israel's lead when it comes to our diplomats walking out of UN speeches.

Key has sold our independence down the river and can hardly point out our 'Allies' he's selected are in fact constantly attempting to rob us of our identities, it would make that embassy he just gave them look like an intelligence outpost forever acting as Israel's eye of Mordor.

Who want's that public perception? Not John Key, so Shhhhh, let's just forget that our 'allies' tried to hack our Police National Intelligence computer shall we? It's a bit like trying to overlook your best mate hitting on your wife while you are at work though isn't it?

We've finally managed to find one thing that matches John Key's vacant aspiration, his optimistic denial.

Let's hope this issue dies down quickly so we can scrutinize the bullshit Free Trade deal with America Key is trying to sign which will molest our economic sovereignty and allow US Corporations to sue the NZ Government in overseas tribunals we have no power in.

It's what John Key does when he's feeling aspirational that makes me nervous, his denial is just amusing.



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At 24/7/11 8:53 am, Blogger Frank said...

What gets me is that Key thinks that the public are gullible enough to accept his reassurances; "nothing to see hear, folks, move on...".


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