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Thursday, July 28, 2011

How soon before RWC tickets are being given away for free?

Has any one else noticed some ominous canaries dying in many cages over at the Rugby World Cup?

Put aside the petty Council vandalism of the inner city, the Krd assault alleyways, the spike in sexual attacks, the extra powers given to Police misused on Mana Party and Unite Union members, the private security firm with the $20 000 contract to twice daily sweep the homeless from Queen St so as not to offend the tourists , the expensive cloud tent no one wants after the Rugby World Cup - put all that to one side - I'm just talking about the ticket sales.

This matters not because of our weird fetish for Rugby, it matters because according to Treasury, the Rugby World Cup alongside the Christchurch rebuild will be the two main economic drivers of this year. Did I say two main, I meant 2 only. Now one doesn't need to be Ken Ring to predict that the Christchurch rebuild won't really start this side of December, so that leaves the Rugby World Cup and in terms of that, aren't the signs kinda ominous that the entire thing will become one giant fizzier and are the media ignoring these warning signs because they have so much sponsorship riding on this with advertisers as well?

Let's just look at the last couple of weeks. The Eden Park luxury uber expensive penthouse suit extension at the posh part of the park was dramatically scaled back from a double story to a single story after a complete lack of interest in pre bookings. This elite part of the cliental are supposed to be the profit margins for these events, and to date the uber rich ain't commin. This is born out by the collapse last week of a local business set up with rugby legends of old as front men to hire exclusive homes out to these same class of rugby spectators. Add the appalling ticket sales to date alongside news today that cheaper seats are being released because tour operators can't sell them, and increasingly it's looking less and less likely that the Rugby World Cup is going to be the vast money maker Treasury were hoping like hell it would be.

At some point organizers are going to just accept that this is nose diving and offer free Rugby World Cup tickets, so if you are keen on going, hold out, i think Rugby World Cup ticket prices are the only thing this year price wise that will defiantly come down.



At 28/7/11 8:02 am, Blogger Trevor Mallard said...

Let me know when it happens please, I'd like to buy two more basic tickets for semis, told it was old out.

At 28/7/11 12:45 pm, Blogger Nitrium said...

typo: suit = suite

Anyway, fully agree the RWC will be an unmitigated disaster economically (although you do realise which party spearheaded bringing this White Elephant to NZ in the first place, right?). With the NZD trading at these levels, we can forget about the assumed major stimulus from spending by overseas tourists.

At 28/7/11 3:30 pm, Blogger Tiger Mountain said...

Maybe some of the homeless could sleep in the corporate boxes and stands on non match days?

RWC and other sporting puff ups are ok stuff for more buoyant times (when this was secured) but the marketing/event management sector will be the only minor ‘winners’ this time.

Vive la France!


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