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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Hone's final total makes mockery of Mainstream media's 1% prediction

Harawira's lead grows after final vote count
Hone Harawira's winning majority in Te Tai Tokerau by-election has risen by more than 200 after a final count of ballot papers. Official results released by Electoral Commission today show Mr Harawira gained 6,065 votes to 4,948 for Labour's Kelvin Davis - a majority of 1117.

Turns out the brainfart telephone polls the mainstream media use to manipulate public opinion rather than represent it that declared Hone was only ahead by 1% weren't just a little bit out, they were well and truly out. The final numbers are in and Hone won not by 1% as the mainstream media parroted, he actually won it by 9%!

Despite middle class foghorn Russell Brown's Osama Bin Laden smear, despite 4 unprecedented anti-Hone editorials in the NZ Herald, despite Guyon Espiner from TVNZ predicting it for Kelvin, despite the bias of Duncan Garner, despite the bias of Government propagandist David Farrar, despite Russell Norman's attack on Mana, despite the Labour Party machine, despite the Maori Party machine, despite Cameron Slater who claimed that Mana would never launch or win (by the way Cam - you now owe me $200 pay up on our bet you deadbeat convicted criminal), despite John Key supporting Kelvin - DESPITE ALL OF THAT - Hone and Mana won!

And he won by 9%!

If National beats Labour by 9% there's no way the mainstream media would say that was winning by a whisker, it would be described as a landslide.

The bias against Hone and Mana is because the corporate media loath the poor and have zero interest in their aspirations, the mainstream baby boomer media do not understand that Mana is a class party with a far larger reach than race and that is why they won't comprehend the kingmaker role Mana could play in the election.

The reality is (as I pointed out on last years TVNZ7 Backbenchers predictions show) that Mana provides the left with their first narrative of how the left beats John Key, David Farrar has finally admitted I am right and that election will be much closer than the mainstream media have pretended while Chris Trotter paints the picture of what happens when National lose.

It's time to accept that the election is much closer than the mainstream media are still pretending it will be.



At 6/7/11 4:33 pm, Blogger Rangi said...

Honnie should know...White Is Right

At 6/7/11 7:11 pm, Blogger Ataria said...

Maggots are white too?

At 7/7/11 9:59 am, Blogger Arto said...

The mainstream media has to play its part in keeping the Niggra's down too!

At 7/7/11 10:27 am, Blogger Chris Trotter said...

What's with this "Baby-Boomer" fetish, Martyn?

I'd like to know how many "Baby-Boomer" workers - Maori or Pakeha - are able to exercise even the slightest influence over a multi-national capitalist enterprise like APN?

And, while we're at it, aren't you're two betes noire, Guyon Espiner and Duncan Garner, both Gen-Xers?

It's not about the year you were born, Martyn, it's about the class you you were born into, and how that central socio-economic fact has affected your life chances and personal development.

So, come on, Comrade, lay the blame where it belongs - capitalism - and not at the feet of a factor over which no individual, rich or poor, black or white, capitalist or socialist, has the slightest control.

At 7/7/11 11:45 am, Blogger Cole MacGrath said...

Blind Freddie could see Hone was going to win the thing. Why would the people of Te Tai Tokerau who have been so aggressively ignored by both Labour and Tory governments recently enough for even consumerist deluded whitefellas to remember, vote for either of the trough snuffling scum who have overseen the crazy plunge of Te Tai Toke's constituents standard of living from near the top of NZ's indicators of household net income to the very bottom?
However the valid points you do make are self white-anted by the stupid and divisive generationalism Tumeke uses in its vain attempts to build some sort of a 'following' for its co-editors.
There are plenty of baby boomers who support Hone & the Mana party, just as there are legions of generation x,y, n egocentric careerists holding senior positions in mainstream media eg herald dominion et al, and political brands like labour, nat and green.

Why divide the opposition over irrelevancies like age? That is the game played by the status quo. Anyone playing that game who claims to oppose SQ, must be either "just pretending" or hoping to pull the same stunt should they ever get the opportunity.

At 7/7/11 7:34 pm, Blogger slydixon said...

Yep I agree, It's foolish name calling. BB's, Gen Y & X are inventions of the capitalist consumerist machine. It a mechanism to assist targeted marketing no more no less.


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