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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Homeless Hit Squads to hide Aucklands poverty for RWC

In my latest installment of how shit this rugby world cup is, we've covered off the massive cost, we've covered off the vandalism to the central city being agreed to in order to tart the city up, noted the deplorable spike in domestic violence and sexual assaults and we've covered off the disgusting expansion of Secret Intelligence Service powers given because of the Rugby World Cup alongside the Police hassling Mana members and Union Activists, NOW we have homeless hit squads by private companies.

Auckland Council has paid for security guards to "ensure the safety" of homeless people during the Rugby World Cup. I'm sorry, 'ensure the safety of homeless people' really? How exactly will the homeless be helped by two daily sweeps of Queen Street during the rugby world cup? Oh they will be 'helped' by the Police and this $20 000 private security firm by simply throwing them off the street or into a prison cell. How this helps the homeless person I'm not certain, but wouldn't $20 000 be better spent helping the Homeless shelter in Auckland build new shelters for the homeless as a solution rather than a romper stomper approach?

The Rugby World Cup Homeless Hit Squads are coming to cleanse Queen Street so that the visiting tourists don't see that NZ is the 7th most unequal county in the OECD.

Gosh I can't wait for this bullshit to be over.



At 15/7/11 2:32 pm, Blogger AKLCITYCHIC said...

not that im against the idea of building better homeless shelters, and not that im for spending heaps of money arresting the homeless, BUT many of those 'homeless' on the Queen St are homeless and not welcome in shelters because they are dangerous to the other homeless ie. they are drug addicts and very nasty at times to passerbys. so perhaps there is ANOTHER option? unfortunatly soberity is not a thing that is accepted just because its pressed upon one, it must be something the addict wants, so drug rehab is GREAT for those who want it, but no one can force anyone into a rehab centre and i am against allowing risky drug addicts near other homeless who could become victims of a drug addicts temper.


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