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Monday, July 18, 2011

Family Fist still banging on about right to bash children (give it up God squad)

Smacking law focus of doco
A woman who poked a pen into the leg of a 9-year-old is the face of a Family First documentary on the anti-smacking law.

Yawn, so Family Fist are still banging on about the right to bash their kids for little baby Jesus are they? Really? You would think after the humiliation of having so many of their groundless fears not being realized since the legislation was passed that they would be as quiet as a Preacher predicting the rapture wrong and be bitching about something with actual purpose like the shocking amount of sex in early evening TV timeslots.

But no, it's about their bloody 'right' to bash Satan out of their kids.


After listening to these very same type of religious bullshit artists 25 years ago during the homosexual law reform bill, I think they are as irrelevant to social policy now as they were quarter of a century ago.

I have plenty of time for God, I just can't stand his sanctimonious followers.



At 18/7/11 10:55 pm, Blogger Frank said...

It would be fairer if corporal punishment could be meted out to god-botherers as well.

Trouble is - some of those kinky buggers would enjoy it. :-/


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