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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Don Brash is to race relations, what Alasdair Thompson is to gender equality.

For those groaning dinosaurs still complaining about Alasdair Thompson's sacking as another example of the politically correct feminazi stormtroopers of the dykyocracy strangling freedom of speech through pc madness man hating lesbo loving thought police, let's just remind everyone of the context again.

He wasn't 'joking' around like a sexist arsehole on Tony Veitch's Sports show, it wasn't a speech at a bloody stag party, he made his comments in a formal ZB interview with Catherine Delahunty. As the man who advises the bosses of NZ, his knuckle dragging sexism was an ignorance too far for someone in that position.

Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Listening to a rich former reserve bank Governor like Don Brash scream about 'Maori Privilege' is like being forced to listen to the Grand Cyclops of the KKK bitch about social injustice.

As for Ansell's extraordinary racist meltdown claiming Maori's eating eyeballs and aren't being thankful enough for electricity, it's like China chastising Tibet after all they've done for them.

Wasn't Rodney Hide dumped for this very redneck populism? How can Hide be a toxic brand when Brash has all the bedside manner of a brain hungry zombie on meth?

Hone's use of white mofos raping and pillaging the land from Maori isn't racist, it's historical fact. On One Tree Hill, Sir John Campell Logan's monument to Maori was meant as a memorial to the passing of the entire race, such were the dire statistics from the impact of colonialism. Maori made up 50% of the nation of NZ in the 1860's, but fell to only 10% by 1891 with them holding less than 17% of their land by the turn of that century.

If I was part of an indigenous culture whose experience of colonialism resulted in near collapse of the entire race in as little as 30 bloody years, then I'd be pretty justified in being genuinely pissed off about the manner in which that experience had been sold as 'universally positive so shut up' as well.

Don Brash is to race relations, what Alasdair Thompson is to gender equality.



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