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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Don Brash endorses dictatorship

Brash cuddling up to the coupmasters according to the so-called "Fiji Club Of New Zealand". Anyone buying the line that a military dictatorship that threw the constitution in the bin and dismissed the judiciary and is run by a power-crazed Attorney-General is capable of overseeing a new constitution and running "legitimate" elections is either a naive fool or a closet facist. Perhaps uncle Don is a bit of both:

July 04, 2011 - The People’s Charter for Change has received the backing of the leader of a leading political party in New Zealand, the ACT Party.

Dr Don Brash who is also the former governor of the New Zealand Reserve Bank says he has studied the charter and is puzzled with the way New Zealand is dealing with Fiji.

He says the content of the charter makes it obvious that Fiji’s roadmap to democracy is legitimate and it should be supported.

“They want Fiji to be a country for Fijians irrespective of their race, whether they be Indians or Indigenous Fijians. Now that’s exactly the kind of country I want for New Zealand. I want a country where everyone, irrespective of their race whether they’re Indians, Chinese, Maori or European, have equal rights under the law.”

The People’s Charter which was implemented by the Bainimarama government has certain guidelines that will ensure democracy in the lead up to elections in 2014.

Dr Brash says he supports the idea of helping Fiji get back to democracy but he isn’t sure that the New Zealand government is going about it the right way.

It's interesting that Don says he believes in one law for all, but when the rule of law is applied in Fiji and the judiciary declare the regime illegal and order them to hold an election immediately he thinks the resulting coup, abrogation of the constitution, sacking of the judiciary and postponment of elections for five years - against what the regime had promised the Commonwealth - is OK. He doesn't seem to know or care about the arbitrary detention and torture of the regime's opponents, the stacking of civil positions with military officers, the censoring and forced sale of media outlets, the sale of government assets under the regime and many other consequences of an unaccountable junta illegally in control of the government of Fiji.

Obviously he's a banker, not a diplomat... or human rights campaigner. To Don it's an ends justifies the means rationale and treating Fiji as a lesser sort of nation where coups and biffing away the rule of law is acceptable to him. Any credibility Don Brash had in advocating for the rule of law is trashed now. Given he interpets the objective of "equal" law as stripping indigenous Polynesians of their property rights in the NZ context he never had much credibility anyway, but will find himself among friends at the officers' mess in Suva. Let's hope he decides to pay them a visit - and never comes back.



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