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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Citizen A - ONLINE NOW!

Citizen A this week with editor of scoop, Selwyn Manning and that awful Cameron Slater

Issue 1: The Maori Party's appalling bedside manner on suicide and the Child Poverty Action Groups plan to feed children in poverty - are those on the bottom needing help getting that help?

Issue 2: Mr Key visits Washington and all he brought us back was the lousy Marines

Issue 3: Is the Rugby World Cup going to be an economic fizzier for Auckland?

PLEASE NOTE: Cameron Slater begged for the $200 he owed me back after filming

Citizen A now plays 8pm Stratos Freeview 21 & Sky 89 Fridays



At 2/8/11 5:30 pm, Blogger jane said...

Um, didn't Cameron Slater's mum receive family support while he was growing up?


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