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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Cancer now more electable than Anti-MMP 'Vote for Change'

Bob Harvey resigns from anti-MMP group
Former Waitakere City mayor Bob Harvey says he does not want to be a part of an anti-MMP group that had not
Former Waitakere Mayor Bob Harvey has resigned from an anti-MMP group in the wake of allegations one of its founding members was involved in a white supremacist group.

The alleged involvement of Vote for Change member Alex Fogerty in white supremacist groups was highlighted by Martyn "Bomber" Bradbury on the blogsite Tumeke.

Cost of anti-mmp campaign? $500 000
Cost of mainstream propaganda? $1m
Not checking a founding member is a white supremacist? Priceless

Damn straight Bob, welcome back to the family. Now the white supremacists and token lefty have been culled, it's just the old white money men of National and ACT, the political representatives of the elite who want to destroy the proportional representation that forces them to listen to other NZers when the decisions get made.

I support MMP because it is actually more democratic to have a broad representation of your actual population as political leaders rather than the vested old boys network ACT and National so readily personify.

In the bad old days National and ACT want to drag us back to, Parliament was made up of over 70% white, old, straight, rich men - NZ is not comprised of 70% white, old, straight, rich men and as such any screams over MMP are really just the groaning gasp of a group within society desperate for the 'good old days' when the elites could manipulate the democratic mandate any which way they pleased and power rested firmly with white straight old rich men.

That they must now be forced to divvy up the fruits of society with other voices at the table rankles the elites, but who gives a damn about what they want.

The meme being run by the right now is that the left are full of personal smears and not the actual debate - bullshit! If the right want to be angry, direct it at the National Party for allowing someone THEY KNEW had a white supremacist back ground become a founding member.

Now that link has been outed, this anti MMP group have zero credibility and that is all National's fault.

The good news is that with Bob's leaving, the employment market has just opened up for a new baby boomer token lefty with fewer standards - what's Bill Ralston doing?

PS - I found it VERY funny that stuff.co.nz didn't even manage to get around to covering this story at all. Apparently knowing a bloody big penguin is a boy IS A BIGGER STORY than a white supremacist being outed as a founding member of a group attempting to change our political system and the resignation of the only token lefty. Epic fail stuff.co.nz.



At 5/7/11 7:54 pm, Blogger MAHA****************** said...

The anti mmp campaign is being bankrolled by nz facists and australian members of the exclusive bretheren

At 5/7/11 7:59 pm, Blogger MAHA****************** said...

The anti mmp campaign is a racist iniciative created to extinguish the rights and voices of minorities in this country why are some people so intent on a return to a colonialist dictatorship.
this is just sophisticated rascism at its best.

At 6/7/11 1:24 am, Blogger Frank said...

"In the bad old days National and ACT want to drag us back to, Parliament was made up of over 70% white, old, straight, rich men..."

Really? Only 70% "white, old, straight, rich men"?? (And I dispute the "straight" part as well. "Straight" only to their wives, maybe.) I thought practically all of Parliament was for the Old Boys Network?




At 6/7/11 2:42 pm, Blogger Gosman said...

Stuff didn't cover it because it is a nothing story.

At 6/7/11 2:59 pm, Blogger Bomber said...

YAWN - Gosy, after getting it wrong about mana, wrong about climate denial, wrong about Hone winning and wrong about supporting antiMMP groups that appoint white supremacists as founding members, I'm surprised you still pretend your opinion matters.

Stuff didn't cover it because they are slow and focused on entertainment soft news like penguins. If it was such a nothing story, why did NZ Herald, Radio Live, Dom Post and TV3 run with it?

Yu are getting desperate and petty now Gosy

At 6/7/11 3:11 pm, Blogger Frank said...

Gosman said... "Stuff didn't cover it because it is a nothing story." (6/7/11 2:42 PM)

Of course not. Penguins are far more important to the state of the nation.

Or Key posing in front of the Taj Mahal.


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