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Friday, July 08, 2011

Can Mana Party trust the Maori Party?

Mana and Maori parties set for 'peace talks' today
The Mana Party and Maori Party will head into their first 'peace talks' today as they work out whether they will cooperate in the general election.

The newly minted Mana Party must now ask themselves a very hard question, can they trust the Maori Party NOT to cut a deal with John Key?

This question is essential in deciding whether or not a political deal can be cut because of what is at stake.

The people of Te Tai Tokerau have launched a waka that takes the aspirations of Maori, beneficiaries, minimum wage workers and liberals who give a damn about social justice and puts them in a position where Mana could be essential in a Labour-Green minority Government.

While National will most certainly gain the most votes on the night, they may find ACT greatly reduced because of Brash's extremist leadership style as opposed to Hide's populist redneck style, Dunne is likely to lose meaning another possible coalition partner is gone and if Mana runs against the Maori Party, Labour will benefit.

Mana is the key to preventing a National-ACT Government, and Mana need to ask themselves that when a Government propagandist and on-line National Party mouthpiece like David Farrar is now admitting that the election will be much closer, as in a 1 or 2 seat majority, then the seats lost to the Maori Party will the the difference between stopping the largest privatization agenda in recent modern political history and not stopping it.

In such brutal math, the Mana Party can't seriously cut a deal with the Maori Party when they have stated they can work with Don Brash, a man who wants to kill off their Maori electorates!

Mana can take Te Tai Tokerau, Mana can take Waiariki, Mana can split the remaining Maori electorates giving Labour wins there, Mana can take at least 1.5% of the 2.2% currently wasted in Party vote for the Maori Party while picking up another 2-4% from beneficiaries, minimum wage workers and social justice liberals.

Why fight so hard and come so close if the result is a Maori Party who goes on to cut a deal with John Key?



At 8/7/11 9:40 am, Blogger James said...

I don't know if the Mana Party will take the Waiariki seat as you claim, although I'd be among those who'd want them to.
Te Ururoa, while having a background in activism also had a distinguished career in education.
This was appealing to Te Arawa who saw him as a potent alternative to a limp Mita Ririnui. Annette Sykes on the other hand riles many particularly the Te Arawa tribes who are still at the negotiating table for the central North Island forestry settlement. I admire her, she does awesome things at the grass-roots and could well have joined the queue and gone to Wgtn or Akld to work in corporate law making gazillions but hasn't and won't. But there is a conservative element in Te Arawa that wont want her there, she's seen as an impediment

At 8/7/11 10:33 am, Blogger Tiger Mountain said...

Well if Mana is to become a movement rather than Maori party mark II, or a Hone support group (not that he does not deserve strong support) the enthusiastic Mana members of which I am one, will have to be heard. Say it loud, say it proud!


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