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Monday, July 11, 2011

Bring a Blankie

As we are all freezing through the winter in our sub-standard New Zealand houses, please spare a thought for those who are out on the streets bearing the full brunt of the winter.

In order to spread a little cheer, we are organising a blanket drive for the City Mission for this winter. It’s time to search through those cupboards and send any spare blankies (or sleeping bags!) off to a better cause. We can label the blankets for people and the Mission will store them for people during the day. It’s not quite central heating, but it does make the winter a little more bearable.

If you don’t have any blankies, but would like to bring one, they are usually no more than a couple of dollars at your local Salvation Army, Savemart or thrift store. Alternatively, the Mission is always seeking food, so feel free to drop this off as well.

Blanket collection point is Alleluyah, St Kevin’s Arcade, K Rd, Sunday 17th July, 1pm.

If you would like to donate blankets but are too busy to drop them off, email Bonnie (
bonniesumner@gmail.com) or Phoebe (visceralnz@mac.com) and we can arrange to pick these up. Please see our Facebook group 'Bring a Blankie' for more information.


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