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Friday, July 22, 2011

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THE WAR ON NEWS: In this weeks political media crimes against reason kill zone

I don't believe most of the news on tvnz so why would I believe their political polls?

ACT squabble about how racist they should be 

The Speaker of the House's shameful double standards over Hone's oath

The War on News 2010 – NZ News Satire on Stratos 10pm Thursday Freeview 21 & simulcast on Sky 89. Posted online at Scoop.co.nz as their Weekend Watch.

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At 23/7/11 10:42 am, Blogger Jac said...

Hey Bomber

The polls look like BS to me.

Where did you get the figures for Auckland landlines of 35% in Manukau and 80% in Northshore?

Herald digi polls 500 of 30000 - 40000 voters and gets accuracy 7 - 9 % out.
Thats like polling between 20000 to 40000 kiwis insteasd of the usual 500 to 1000 the mainstream pollers question and getting it wrong by 7-9 %.

Mainstream pollers poll 500- 1000 people out of 4 000000 and claim accuracy of between 3-4%.
Looks like crap to me.

At 23/7/11 7:20 pm, Blogger Nitrium said...

Is it just me or is the sound on all of these online (YouTube) videos in need of serious attention? It is clearly stereo, but I only hear one channel (the other is just static). Maybe just convert to mono or something.


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