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Saturday, July 02, 2011

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THE WAR ON NEWS: In this weeks political media crimes against reason kill zone

Mana win and Mainstream media get it wrong - stick with the champ

For Alasdair Thompson the glass ceiling doesn't just keep women from the top jobs, it acts as a barrier to protect him from menstrual blood splash back.

What won't Ian Wishart do for money?

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At 3/7/11 7:44 pm, Blogger Ka kata te po said...

Great to hear you get 'whanau' right, a little bit of work needed on 'mana' - sounds like 'runner'. lead us in to maori language week.

At 6/7/11 1:11 am, Blogger Frank said...

Ka kata te po - cut us some slack, mate. It wasn't too long ago that we couldn't pronounce Paekakariki properly, except for it's shortened version, which sounded remarkably like a penis pie.

And remember the woman who worked for Telecom in the 1980s, who answered calls from the public with a cheery "Kia ora" - only to have her nearly fired, and the Great Unwashed screaming for her blood?

We're getting there, Ka kata te po, slowly but surely!


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