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Monday, July 18, 2011

Assets National want to sell can avoid Official Information Act

Sell-off will sidestep Official Information Act
State-owned enterprises partly sold and listed on the stock exchange under the National Party's mixed ownership plans will no longer be subject to the Official Information Act.

So not only do we slash our own throats by enriching overseas mum and dad investors by privatizing our assets for a mere 8 months worth of borrowing, these assets about to be sold will also now no longer be under the authority of the Official Information ACT so that we won't know anything happening inside them any longer?

Wake up sleepy Hobbits.

My Grandfather, my Grandmother, my Uncles, Aunts, Mum, Dad and I have all already paid for these assets, why the bloody hell do any of us have to buy more shares in an asset we already own!

In tomorrow's exclusive interview with David Cunliffe, I put to him how unacceptable it would be if Simon Power was in any way involved in selling these assets off which he until recently had been a Minister for.



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