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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Act: The two Dons

Fed Farmers President now an Act candidate:

Don Nicolson, President of Federated Farmers until a fortnight ago, has just been announced as our latest high-profile candidate.

For Clutha-Southland, Bill English's seat.

In Act's glory days, when they had policies that represented, or at least purported to be in the interests of, "mainstream" NZ - back in the days when Maori were there and other people were there and it was aiming to be a popular party - back in the first term, Act came within a thousand votes of taking King Country in a by-election. Owen Jennings was the equivalent of Don Nicholson back then and he almost took Jim Bolger's old seat.

How far we have come. Now they are a toxic red neck party on the the margins and digging themselves a deeper gutter into which to sink with each passing day. Becoming more conservative and less rational and breaking the faith with the original constituency in order to find a new one attracted by racism. It won't work and it isn't working. Mr Nicolson's timing is woeful.


At 12/7/11 8:41 pm, Blogger Mistress R said...

Chur. I can't wait for the first public meeting. It's going to be hilarious. Clutha Southland certainly is becoming the melting pot of a very diverse group of candidates.

At 13/7/11 12:26 am, Blogger Rangi said...

Another clown in ACT! Great! One more to go down in a burning wreck, Ohhhh Yeah!

At 13/7/11 7:15 am, Blogger Global Conscience said...

When push comes to shove, politicians will lie and cheat to hold to stay on the gravy train that is polotics. But ACT have got it wrong and National are underestimating the backlash that is coming.

At 13/7/11 12:54 pm, Blogger Frank said...

Indeed, Global Conscience. As theyt saying goes, mud splatters and sticks...

Goff has ruled out a coalition deal with the Mana Party, because of Hone Harawira.

Regardless of the rights or wrongs of that decision - will John Key make the same call on ACT?

He will have to explain that as the election campaign heats up.


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