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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

ACT squabble about how racist they should be

In the wake of their creative director quitting because ACT were a pack of white cowards for not wanting to do the full monty of bigotry in their race baiting advert last weekend, ACT have gone from claiming it's the biggest threat to NZ to it being nothing this week as ACT said nothing at all about race.

Which is a bit weird isn't it? I mean last week it was 'bribe a tribe' and 'Maori radicals' this week it's Don Nicholson? Sure moving to a climate denier from a race hater is a step in the right direction back to sanity, but it's not much of a step is it?

Can we all imagine how the meeting between Brash, Perigo and Ansell went when deciding on their appalling advert that attracted 403 complaints to the ASA?

"I want to be racist"

"No that's not racist enough"

"I can be more racist than that"

"That's way too racist"

"You're not a racist at all, you're a pretend racist"

"I am not, I'm just as racist, but that's too racist, people might think we are racist".

"This isn't nearly racist enough for me, I'm leaving".

I think that may be a verbatim quote.

ACT say maorification of NZ is a terrible thing, but seeing as Maori have been here a 1000 years, survived 171 years of colonialism, managed to to bounce back from near cultural annihilation wouldn't we all want a bit of Maorification as NZers?

They could be to NZ what adamantium is to Wolverine. Maorification sounds as protective as pinkbats.



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