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Monday, July 11, 2011

ACT in racist meltdown

ACT 'a party of cowards', says Ansell
Act's controversial marketing guru resigns Mana rates ahead of Maori Party Turia says no to capital gains tax Wellington super-city fails to excite Napier and Hastings: Perfect match or poles apart? Get back to reality, former MP tells Gully board Former ad man for ACT John Ansell has branded it "a party of cowards" after he was forced to step down over his comments about Maori.

The former marketing manager says he is not a racist and that those who speak "the truth" – like sacked Employers and Manufacturers Association boss Alasdair Thompson – are punished.

An ACT ad campaign launched at the weekend has echoes of leader Don Brash's controversial Orewa speech in 2004. It was condemned yesterday by the Maori and Mana parties.

Mr Ansell said ACT should target male voters because women did not want to talk bluntly and were ruled by their emotions.

"We [ACT] are about talking bluntly and women don't want to talk bluntly. They just want to keep their relationships intact. It's far more important for them than improving society," he said.

Men ultimately deferred to the brain for hard decisions, while women looked to their emotions, he said.

Oh. My. God. Isn't this like an endless Christmas morning and ACT are the gift that just keeps giving. I haven't seen such group self mutilation since the Jim Jones mass suicide in the 1970s!

Not only is he blatantly racist, Ansell is 'Alasdair-Thompson-sexist' as well. This must be the final nail in the coffin for a Political Party that is in racist meltdown after these offensive Maori bashing adverts and Ansell's extraordinarily racist comments about Maori's eating eyeballs and not being thankful enough for electricity.

With a far right race baiting climate denier like Don Brash as leader, alongside hate merchant ACT candidate wannabe Cathy Odgers who describes beneficiares as 'the heaving pathetic underclass' and whom wants to implement a sterilization bonus scheme to stop them 'breeding', it is no surprise that the ignorant racism of some like Ansell really does in fact sum up ACTs real views on Maori in this country.

Wasn't this redneck populism the very reason Hide was rolled in the first place?

Listening to a rich reserve bank Governor like Brash scream about 'Maori Privilege' is like being forced to listen to the Grand Cyclops of the KKK bitch about social injustice

We know the mainstream media's cheap brainfart polls favour the rich and not the poor, so when ACT continue to slip in these biased to the rich polls, it should send real concern to Party faithful that the corporate coup to implement Brash was actually deeply flawed.

What supporters of Brash always fail to accept when they blather about the highs he tool National to is that after that The Hollow Men was published and enough NZers have read that book to see the disgusting ways Brash tried to manipulate the media and NZ into believing Maaaaori get too much when they all privatly accpeted that so called Maori priviledge did not in fact exist.

What's that you say nervous ACT Party supporters? John Banks will win Epsom so none of this matters?


What's ticking in Epsom?



At 11/7/11 12:40 pm, Blogger dave said...

Brash and Ansell are not dinosaurs any more than Thompson is. They are the naked proto-fascist ideologues of weak NZ capitalism in crisis. They know that crisis is waking up the working class, splitting MP, pushing Labour to the left, and leaving them on room to campaign on rightwing economic policies. CGT is a no brainer. Asset sales are opposed by the vast majority. Nobody will vote in an ACT MP in November. That leaves the banksters and casino capitalists that ACT represents no option but to go for broke with open proto-fascist appeals to racism, fascism and nationalism to get into power and stop a Labour coalition.

At 12/7/11 2:20 am, Blogger franky said...

no matter which way you look at it,brash is like the banknotes that still bear his signature,old, worn out and greatly reduced in value.....franky says.

At 13/7/11 12:50 pm, Blogger Frank said...

"ACT leader Don Brash has tried and failed to woo Maori candidates to the party's list.

Former Federated Farmers head Don Nicolson confirmed yesterday he would stand against Deputy Prime Minister Bill English in Clutha-Southland. Dr Brash expected ACT's board would give him a high place on the party's list.

The list will be finalised at the end of the month.

Dr Brash expected to announce other "strong candidates" in the coming weeks but admitted attempts to woo non-European contenders, including "two or three Maori", were unsuccessful.

"A couple of them weren't suitable. One of them would have been suitable but wasn't willing to stand at this point. He was quite a young person. He thought about it for quite a while but on balance decided not to."

He declined to say who they were.

ACT ran a newspaper advertisement over the weekend that asked: "Fed up with pandering to Maori radicals?"

Asked if he was being deliberately provocative, he said: "We are trying to draw attention to that particular policy, absolutely."

Dr Brash admitted he was "disappointed" with how ACT was polling. "


So... trying to attract a MAORI candidate because they are MAORI isn't race-based preference?

What happened to selection based on merit, rather than ethnicity/skin colour?

Oh dear, Don "Duck" Brash - hoisted by your own racist petard?


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