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Friday, July 01, 2011

ACT Candidate Cathy Odgers hates Deadbeat Dad's as well (that's a whole lotta hate)

In her latest diatribe, Cathy would like everyone to know she hates deadbeat dads as well, ain't you sunshine and rainbows Candidate Cathy, but that still doesn't remove your comments about beneficiaries or wanting a sterilization bonus program.

Why am I still on these comments Cathy? Because it is offensive to refer to beneficiaries as the 'heaving pathetic underclass' while suggesting sterilization bonus programs and any politician who does describe such ideas deserves scrutiny.

It's not like this is the first time I've brought up on these comments, I originally posted the day you did. Cathy I have admitted that I have respect for some of what you do, but this post was so beneath you it represents a casual fascism.

What does a silver spooned corporate lawyer know about the realities of beneficiary lives?

As for your faux outrage over a twitter quip I made at your expense, your sad response shows Cathy you can hand it out but don't you get paper thin skin when it's coming back. You've embarrassed yourself and beyond it all your hateful comments about the poor are still undefended, for someone like you who screams 'political correctness gone mad', the idea of a Ministry overseeing the fertility of the poor seems a twee bit Orwellian. What happens if a woman does get pregnant while on your bonus scheme, the State just shuts off support do they? Your ideas are so poorly thought out, they're less employable than the 'pathetic heaving underclass' you so deeply hate.

Remember you scoffed when I posted Kate, well now the country needs to know what you think about poor people before they vote in the next election. Why am I so focused on this Kate? I've known you longer than any other blogger has and to be honest with you, I am deeply disappointed in you. You were supposed to be different from the usual redneck clowns running, but you aren't. You fell back on the exact same 'bash the bennie' bullshit every right wing nut falls back on, except you went right over the line.

Rather than back down and admit you went over the top with your sterilization bonus scheme and describing beneficiaries as the 'pathetic heaving underclass', you have actually just tried to throw a whole lot of shit at me and smokescreen your words. You are no great hope for the right Cathy, you are the usual packaged hate with the same failed ideas.



At 1/7/11 4:28 pm, Blogger Frank said...

Consider the latest poll results:

"Act has barely budged in the poll standings, up to 1.9 per cent from 1.7 per cent, despite the Don Brash leadership coup in April, and it would be entitled to only two MPs if it retained the Epsom electorate." - http://tinyurl.com/6efu7eb

Whether they put Odgers onto the ACT party list seems academic. According to these polls, ACT will have only two MPs come November 26; the winner of Epsom plus one other.

I can imagine Rodney Hide smiling quietly to himself, reading today's NZ Herald.


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