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Thursday, June 23, 2011

You're 24 and National want to pay you $8 an hour, welcome to 'change' meaning 'loose change'

So the National Party's solution to the economic incompetence they have shown by rising GST to subsidize a tax cut for the rich which led to a billion dollar hole in tax take as the revenue base shrank is to bring back youth rates and to redefine youth as anyone under 24! The research clearly shows that when we abolished youth rates and introduced minimum wage that there was no negative impact on job creation. We have 19.4% of people aged 15-24 unemployed right now, the last time it was this high was 1992, that's right, the year of Jump by Kris Kross, Baby got back by Sir Mix-a-lot and End of the road by Boyz to men depressingly dominated the music charts the last time youth unemployment was this bad.

How exploiting this level of unemployment by re-introducing youth wages while telling young adults that they are only worth $8 an hour is supposed to generate jobs makes about as much sense as selling off half our assets to merely pay 7 months worth of debt.

Nothing will send young NZers overseas faster than dropping the wage down to $8 an hour, and why on earth would they come back to such youth wages? This short sighted patsy to the employers of NZ suggests that National believe the election is so in the bag that John Key could punch a puppy in the face live on Close Up and the the sleepy hobbits of NZ would criticize the puppy for flinching.



At 24/6/11 8:37 am, Blogger jane said...

I keep trying to point out that there was a baby blip in 1990. 60k live births instead of the predicted 20k.
These excellent young people have been and are now being faced by a stonewall of silence regarding their educational and financial needs (excepting a small minority whose parents can afford to send the to Kings College etc) not to mention their emotional wellbeing which will, eventually, affect the likes of this dear Mr Thompson when they need care in their declining years; when this demographic awake to their systematic rip-off, they will not be any happier than they are now about it; hence these dumb crippling IP laws..."we can't let them stay connected, they may find out too much"

At 24/6/11 8:41 am, Blogger jane said...



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