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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Will privatization of ACC wake sleepy hobbits?

Well, well, well - so National ARE privatizing ACC now, a system that has been held up as an example around the world has finally fallen to the privatization agenda of the National Party after Nick Smiths manufactured crises at ACC has finally worked. This alongside crippling the welfare state, knee-capping the public service, flogging off our State Assets, wholesale dismantling of democratic oversight, converting our legal system into a conveyor belt of pet food grade cheap justice, rolling back more legal protections than any other Government in recent political history, signing away our economic sovereignty with a draconian free trade deal with America, privatizing our prisons so there is a profit motive in locking NZers up AND expanding vast new powers to the Police to spy on us without judicial oversight.

And all of this is sold as moderate centre right. Whanau, if this is moderate center right, what the hell will Don Brash do as Finance Minister if a Brash-Key Government win. Fifa is more credible on corruption than this Government are when pretending this Economic Darwinism is moderate.



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