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Thursday, June 30, 2011

War on drugs = war on people

Dakta Green was sentenced to 8 months jail for cannabis offences relating to The "Daktory". The only political reaction I've seen is from the stoners themselves. The Daktory is a large industrial building in New Lynn operating as a club to smoke dope - that's pretty much it. I call it the Daktorium - the smoker's version of thunderdome. But it was the selling aspect - "the dispensary" as I understand it - which accounts for why Dakta now finds himself behind bars for the next few months. I've met Dakta here and there and also at the Daktory, so I was saddened by the news of his imprisonment.

Having said that I am amazed that a stonking great barn devoted to the purpose of cannabis was able to run for so many years unmolested when it is:
a) known by all, with a facebook page,
b) is visible from Great North Rd with letters three metres high saying 'DAKTORY', and -
c) the big Avondale Police station is just a few minutes drive down the road.
It took the cops how many years to twig something was up?

It is a testament to Dakta's principles, even temperament, manner and professionalism that the Daktory was not closed down a long time ago. And for all the criticisms made of the police they are ultimately the ones that allowed it to exist, preferring to tolerate it while putting pressure on Dakta and the others knowing eventually they would have enough to prosecute without having to do anything dramatic. This was a very sober attitude by the police when one considers what another commander may have seen as a huge provocation in view of the Avondale police station's turret.

For all of his weathered looks and his inevitable entourage of smelly stoners, wigged out wiggas and rastafarian raggamuffins, Dakta managed to keep the place - and old Mary Jane the Canna-bus - as an appealing social scene for the wider marijuana user. Smoking clove cigarettes discussing Indonesian history with a university lecturer on one couch, hits from a giant pink bong and talking shit with some students on the other. It's that sort of place.

Dakta will continue the good fight against prohibition as soon as he's out - maybe in time to contest at the general election if he gets his automatic half.

- Dakta Green's last discussion before sentencing (on the Vinny Eastwood Show. Warning: 1hr 25m!)

The ironies in this case bubble away like a free-flowing water bong. The choicest being the only place you're allowed to smoke inside nowadays turns out to be a marijuana club, and secondly the punishment for running a marijuana club is to spend time in a prison - the only institution that has more bud than the Daktory!

It is pointless to lock up people who don't need to be locked up - he is one of those many, many drug cases where the only victim is him and the person victimising him is the state. "Live like it's legal" is the Daktory's motto.


At 30/6/11 4:51 pm, Blogger Cactus Kate said...

Finally some sanity on the site. Pease troll through my archives and liberally spread my views on recreational use of substances.

At 30/6/11 7:26 pm, Blogger Cannalyzer said...

Dope Supermarket
The memory lives on....

At 1/7/11 12:06 am, Blogger Frank said...


For growing and selling dope?!

Hmmm, cannabis must be killing an awful high (*rolls eyes*) number of people on the roads lately....

Or is that alcohol?

At 1/7/11 11:09 am, Blogger LG Under the apple tree said...

I wonder after reading the bottom of the screen on the Champix advertisements endorsed by Jude Dobson and her cronies on TV the following: Why is it that the Pharmaceutical companies have a monopoly on drugs which promote behaviour changes such as "self harm and harming others and psychotic episodes"? Its difficult to make sense of laws which ban organic substances like cannabis and tobacco in favour of manufactured synthetic drugs like Champix and Kronic.

One can only wonder whether the war on drugs like tobacco and cannabis is waged by big Pharmaceutical Companies to benefit UK Private Prison Companies?

At 1/7/11 2:22 pm, Blogger AAMC said...

I think it's just another example of how stupid ideas often shape society.

The cotton lobby wasn't it?

And here we are, all those drug war resources latter and with all of those criminalized lives, and enriched gangsters, cause we spend so much energy manipulating conservative popular opinion that it becomes almost politically impossible - especially in the hands of scared puritanical Calvinists - to change it back.

And yeah, I'm sure the pharmaceutical corporations and the Tobacco industry subvert our democracy in order to maintain the Cotton Industries original purpose, the maximization of their profits at our collective expense.

At 8/7/11 8:39 pm, Blogger HerbalHighsOnline.com said...

The war on drugs is an expensive battle, as a great deal of resources go into catching those who buy or sell illegal drugs on the black market, prosecuting them in court, and housing them in jail. These costs seem particularly exorbitant when dealing with the drug marijuana, as it is widely used, and is likely no more harmful than currently legal drugs such as tobacco and alcohol.



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