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Monday, June 13, 2011

SkyCity bribes Government for new casino under guise of convention center

You know, there are times you just think to yourself that you won't be surprised by what this government does after...

The bennie bashing to cripple the welfare state and force women to go work after the child turns one DESPITE the incredible work Dr Gluckman released last week showing the importance of early childhood life on the eventual adult all the while allowing private corporations to run prisons for profit.

Ending independence for legal aid and proceeding with the largest repeal of civil liberties this country has ever seen, including desensitizing trail by screen and dropping jury trials for just the old boys club of Judges, some of whom were described in a recent report on Judges as not being up to the job intellectually while vastly expanding Police powers and SIS powers.

Incompetent bungling of the economy by raising GST to subsidize a tax cut for the wealthiest NZers that left a hole in revenue creating a billion dollar deficit in the Government tax take which Bill English indicated would be taken out from Welfare while passing draconian anti-union and anti worker legislation;

Flogging off our assets with a vast privatization agenda for assets that bring us 17% to pay off debt that costs us only 6% to enrich Chinese mum and dad investors.

...all of that has been surprising, but to hear that National are just allowing Sky City to bribe them for legislation change so they can extend more one armed bandits into public space under the guise of a 'convention centre' shows how few ideas the Government actually has to create jobs in NZ.

I mean this is bloody desperate isn't it? Jobs from the gambling industry? That's all this Government has now? They are so hard up for cash and employment, they'll just allow Sky City to pay them off in front of us all to change law to allow this 'convention centre' which is really code for 'more slot machines plus cheap gin = casino profits'.

The audacity is the surprise, the desperation highlighting the utter lack of ideas for growth from the Government is the shock.

If this is the best they've got, this country is in much deeper trouble than anyone is currently letting on.



At 13/6/11 1:08 pm, Blogger Caleb Tutty said...

Where does the National Party host its Party Conferences? How much do they pay Sky City? Should we be asking if this is going to change?

Will we have to wait for the post-election returns to see how much they donated to the National Party this time round?

At 14/6/11 7:37 pm, Blogger Tim said...

What's worse is that by John Key's own admission this morning (on one of those shoddy morning TV programmes - perhaps the better of the two) that HE approached Sky City rather than Sky City approachng him. Wake up hobbits - if this doesn't tell you what he is about, NOTHING will

At 15/6/11 7:24 am, Blogger jane said...

Oh well maybe "Convention Centre" is just an euphemism for whore house, there's one being built on the other corner of the street after all...


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