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Thursday, June 09, 2011

Replacing Shrek the Sheep with a new cultural icon

NZ's premier current affairs program, Close Up went live to the shed Shrek was slaughtered in while playing a slow mo montage of Shrek's life, brothers and sisters, a new event horizon in current affairs has been reached.

The mourning of one sheep when tens of thousands are slaughtered every month might seem a wee bit twee, that's because it is.

Shrek wasn't just a sheep that hadn't been shawn for 6 years, he was a cultural bridge between Helen Clarke's supposed nanny state stormtroopers of the dykeocracy and redneck NZ who didn't think she loved them enough because she didn't have children.

Shrek was a way for two parts of NZ to identify, sure we hated each other, but we all loved Shrek. Shreks death is the felling of a mighty Kauri tree for what passes as a cultural landscape in this country, and while some uncouth folk have made jokes about mint sauce at Shrek's funeral, we all need to desperately find a new cultural icon we can all rally around in times of crises that isn't Maori because apparently Maori's get everything, and whanau, I'd like to suggest the fitness dance craze zumba as Shreks cultural icon replacement.

Now while zumba could never fully replace the special place in our hearts we all felt for Shrek the sheep, it can brings us all together and lift our spirits, and in the end brothers and sisters, I think it's what Shrek would have wanted.



At 9/6/11 5:23 pm, Blogger H Stewart said...

Your a heartless bastard Bradbury, The poor old bugger has only been dead a few days and your bloody trying to nominate a replacement. If you were a historical dog ranger mate you would probably have impounded McKenzie's dog.

I have a better suggestion, Jim Mora. We all love him, he wouldn't dream of embarrasing us, he is toilet trained hell I could go on and on. And on.

Jim is the man to take on Shrek's mantel.

At 9/6/11 10:36 pm, Blogger Nitrium said...

Shrek wasn't just a sheep that hadn't been shawn for 6 years,

Don't you mean "shorn"?


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