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Monday, June 13, 2011

The reality of poverty vs Paula Bennett's bennie bash veneer

Two very different pictures of poverty today. The first shows the reality of poverty in NZ as it impacts upon the children of the poor...

'Hidden shame' of child poverty
Thousands of children are going hungry each day as the country's largest charitable school programme struggles with demand.

KidsCan, which last year distributed 1.6 million food items to decile 1 to 4 primary and intermediate schools, has 105 schools on its waiting list. For some children, the donated food was all they ate all day, chief executive Julie Helson said.

Demand had always outstripped supply in the six years KidsCan had operated, but this year about 11,000 children a day would miss out on food, she said. KidsCan would feed about 4400 each day this year.

...and then we have the bullshit bennie bashing that Paula is using to sell the crippling of the Welfare state...

$100,000-plus benefits paid to households
The possibility of benefit fraud is being investigated following a report that shows some households appear to be receiving more than $100,000 a year in welfare payments, with one getting over $220,000.

A report obtained under the Official Information Act by the New Zealand Herald shows 24 households, made up of between seven and 18 people, are getting more than $2000 a week.

...in the lead up to soft selling the crippling of the Welfare State and attempting to bypass the facts Dr Gluckman has shown us regarding the importance of early childhood development countering the redneck kneejerk to force solo mothers to work after their child turns one, we have the usual 'bennies are 'earning' hundreds of thousands of your tax dollars' crap rather than a headline 'Government agencies show usual incompetence in regards to Welfare recipients'.

Paula pulled the same stunt when she found out a white supremacist was on the dole, in the attempt to sell this draconian attack on the sick, the solo mothers,the mentally unwell and the disabled, Paula needs to rely on every nasty button pushing dog whistle known to media.




At 15/6/11 7:21 am, Blogger jane said...

but this is one of her solutions: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-13700490


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