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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Q+A, The Nation Review

Last weeks ratings
Didn't get the ratings sent through for last week - TVNZ I'm looking at you!

The Nation
Today's show is billed as 'a John Key Special' which is funny because EVERY episode of The Nation is 'a John Key Special'.

Met is on trying to defend this ridiculous Green Party position, what the bloody hell are they thinking? Now she is mandating that she has to talk to Key (rolling my eyes) IF IT IS SO HIGHLY UNLIKELY WHY ARE YOU DOING IT? So what you are saying is if my vote goes Green, it might prop up National? You've just lost my vote then haven't you Greens?

Apparently the frog thinks it can lie down with the hungry privatizing lion.

The Greens have all the political offensive capability of moss and believe, over time, say maybe a century, their unblinking devotion to the environment will be accepted by all and progress will occur minus all that nasty shouty pushy political stuff they disdain as much as non free trade coffee.

Which is very respectful of them, and we should all give them a hug. Sadly the reality of poilitcs means the country will be under about half a kilometer of sea water from melting polar ice caps before the farming lobby and corporations who prop up the National Party ever go green.

But this hasn't deterred the Greens opening the door to John Key to say that if the price is Green enough, they'll cut a deal in their endless search for the mythical right wing environmental voter. Sadly no one seems to have told the Greens that the mythical right wing environmental voter amounts to just Guy Salmon. There are more extinct Moa's living on the North Shore of Auckland than mythical right wing environmental voters

Blue + Green = that nasty bruise color.

So if John key comes to the Greens and says, 'hey guys, that crazy Don Brash wants to privatize all the assets, but if you give me supply and confidence, I'll only privatize half of them, whaddya say'? Would the Greens survive the political contempt of cutting a deal with National the way the Maori Party have? Poor Pita Sharples has had to eat dead rat after dead rat after daed rat for his support, how many non free trade dead rats would the Greens have to swallow to win the baubles of office and would it be worth it?

John Key is on to have Sean peer deep into his soul, this'll take about 3 minutes.

His vacant aspiration is empty now, his state house routine is a joke. Welfare in his age were gold plated, now it's shit encrusted.

Why is Sean talking about Key's father? Who cares??? This is pap, not interviewing. This is to soften up the audience for the bennie bashing.

He is singing the praises of Singapore. it's creepy.

Here it comes, his crap 2% back in the day, now 13% welfare state blah blah blah here comes the bennie bash. My God is Sean going to actually challenge him on this?

No, Sean backs down.

(lol - Key said 'politically correct') - he's blaming women for having babies for DPB - shocking that the PM is actually vomiting up this redneck dog whistle bullshit.

He defends this crippling of the Welfare State by saying he's trying to make the country better for his Mum.

How the fuck is this current affairs?

With Dr Jon Johansson on the panel are National Urban Maori Authority Chair and broadcaster Willie Jackson and former National Party President and businesswoman. Michelle Boag.

Guyon will be wrestling with the head of Slitherin House Murray McCully, and there's a Hone vs Kelvin by-election rumble (the Maori Party declined to be in the debate which tells you how seriously they are NOT taking this election).

Monologue up and running. Great point about the fact there is no plan to actually gain 170 000 jobs stated in the budget.

Fijian coup leader now turned sudden democracy campaigner on begging to cut a deal with NZ. If it had any actual value he'd be trying to cut a deal with Australia.

Murray was interesting in noting that we don't want to stoke tensions between Fiji and Tonga, it's all very interesting.

Willie gets stuck in, lots of justification about why we need to cover abusers.

Hone vs Kelvin, let's rumble. Kelvin is sharp, he will do Labour well in this by-election, but he won't win. Hone will win, by a fairly large chunk I should imagine, the Maori Party no show is very telling. Very telling. If Mana run against Maori Party in the Maori electorates, Labour will most likely take them.

Kelvin is a good bloke, he will get in on the Labour Party list anyway.

Hone has a go at Paul Holmes, very funny.

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At 13/6/11 6:38 pm, Blogger Grassroots said...

The Greens political position, from their website...

"Agrees that for the 2011 general election, the Green Party, as an independent party, will campaign on the following political position:

(i) Based on current Labour and National Party policy positions, the Green Party has a preference to consider supporting a Labour-led government in the right circumstances, ahead of a National-led government;

(ii) The Green Party could work with a National-led government to progress particular Green Party policies as we have over the last three years; but based on current National Party policy positions and track record it is highly unlikely that we could support a National-led government on confidence and supply."

No dead rats there mate! Mana is all good, but is still a political party that needs MMP and needs to talk with other parties. Or am I to believe that Hone has ruled out working with any other parties to avoid risking a case of the dreaded baubles?!

At 14/6/11 12:37 am, Blogger Mike said...

Jeez, I couldn't believe 'The Nation'. I actually yelled at the screen at one stage wanting the 'journalist' to ask Key a real question. all we got was the PM's life story, This show is rubbish.


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