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Sunday, June 05, 2011

Q+A, The Nation Review

Last weeks ratings
Raw ratings this week
Q+A: 95 740
The Nation: 22 793

The Nation

Justifications as to why we should have a country that arrests bloggers, artists and Christians worshipping Easter should have more influence over our economy with Tim Grosser.

Private Prisons are finally being explored by the mainstream media.

And sop piece for John Banks.

Grosser has audacity to claim the reason we need to sell ourselves to China is because of our lack of savings (while his Government cuts Kiwisaver) and this is the reason we need to be softened up for John Key's best new friends the Chinese to start buying our State owned assets.

All sorts of horror will occur if we don't sell ourselves off to China, Tim lists them. They include painful blisters on genitalia and exclusion from the next building bubble economy.

Federated Farmers puppet is on declaring his love of Tim Grosser while he acknowledged this wholesale sell off to China was against what he had advised. You could actually see his shoulder popping out of it's socket his arm was twisted so hard behind his back.

Say hello to the new Beijing consensus, just like the old consensus in that it hasn't received our consent.

The Nation have just realized the private prison industry is destroying more than it's saving. No examination in the role the media have played in whipping up the redneck sensible sentencing trust blood lust however.

The right wing desperately need to look liberal in something and the horror story they have created by injecting redneck hatred into social policy has become a monster they can't afford to feed any longer.

The sudden road to the gulag National will attempt here is a joke.

Judith Collins is on, God this is delicious. Watching her backpeddle is beautiful. Watching her climb down from their redneck bullshit is a joy, it's a ballet, a god damned political ballet. This snarling vicious politician playing the god damned liberal is vomit inducing.

She is demanding goddamned applause for her so called commitment to rehabilitation, the women couldn't get TV cameras down to her car crushing yard fast enough, look at her having to change her bullshit redneck tune now.

It's such a farce and such a pretense. Labour have missed another opportunity to actually stand up on an issue they should have a moral mandate for, it's extraordinary to watch this political pantomime play out.

God it was wonderful watching Judith have to eat her redneck rhetoric and pretend to care.

The right have identified they can't keep feeding this punishment monster they birthed and so now they have a 'concern' about it. Shed your crocodile tears elsewhere Judith.

Sop piece on Banks. He rides in as some sort of robotic right wing puppet. He now pretends to care about the criminals now as well. Clever right wing politics at its best, I smell Crosby-Textor.

If these buggers care so much, why have they restructured the judicial system to make it easier to throw young people into prison?

Banks wants to gut social welfare, now there's a surprise. He thinks many unemployed young people seem to be at home, smoking pot, watching porn and planning crimes. This is the reason we need to have a new youth minimum wage????? WTF is he talking about????

Banks is wanting small Government with a microscopic g.

Rod Oram is on, so is Rosemary McCloud. She makes the point that we should only lease the land. She righteously attacks our shameful prison system. Rod notes the fear that the Government might want to increase 'productivity' in prisons. We could end up turning our prisons into forced labour camps.

I love how The Nation run 5 minutes over on a Sunday to spike Q+A, it's so Network sleazy.

The panel is Dr J, Sue Bradford and Christine Rankin. Great line up, Paula Bennett is on defending her crippling of the welfare state and Sir Gluckman is on with his amazing report that contradicts all of Paula's bennie bashing.

Genius opening monologue, they should sell Damien by the gram.

Holmes should rip Paula Bennett's heart out but Paul is further right than he is, so they both end up bashing bennie's. Outstanding!

It's such an awful interview. I'm switching off now, he's trying to goad her into going FURTHER. Such a wasted opportunity to challenge her on this crippling of the welfare state.

Epic Fail Q+A.

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At 5/6/11 1:10 pm, Blogger Lady said...

A good post there Bomber. Not only have The Nation's ratings fallen even further, they cannot even comprehend that their support of simpering justifications doesn't cut the mustard.

The right wing incredulously downplays their belief in hard-line policies, while declaring a war on middle class New Zealand with their prehistoric policies.

Where is Labour on these issues? They should be jumping all over the obvious flaws in National's propaganda. There's presently a veritable smorgasbord of dodgy behavior that needs some goddamn checks and balances.

We aren’t particularly interested in a bicycle race btw… I realize there’s potential humour in seeing a RWNJ making a complete arse of himself, but apart from being a running commentary on the benefits of personalized attacks, what is the point in a political party stooping to such levels?

Labour fails to gain any traction on issues that have far ranging negative implications to New Zealander's. The softly softly approach isn't working and I sometimes wonder if they even give a rats arse about Kiwi's at all?

While I’m on the subject, get some better PR happening Labour. Your blog releases look budget and are not conveying your message properly, even to your supporters.

Because of this complacency coupled with National’s policies that further ostracize the poor, media manipulation, corruption, infighting and National’s war on the Kiwi way of life, I’m predicting the lowest turnout at the next election ever. Fascists never did like democracy much huh!

Here’s a solution the right wing wacko’s will like; let's just turn NZ into a prison and outsource our privatized services to the rest of the world. My justification… We have to borrow $300+ million a week and I don’t like (insert n word here). Having a free labour force by enslaving the downtrodden would be very lucrative and we need more number-plates.

Slavery obviously isn’t a word in the dictionary for people who’ve learnt nothing from history. It’s enough to make somebody not bother to vote.

At 5/6/11 9:08 pm, Blogger Tim said...

The question is will the mainstream media report these issues if Labour raises them. The answer is no. Labour recently help an event to launch their no asset sales campaign and there was no mention of it on the box or in the paper.
The media is not interested in issues, just pushing their agenda.


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