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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The People of Christchurch deserve a post earthquake vision

‎"Three grand essentials to happiness in this life are something to do, something to love, and something to hope for."
Joseph Addison

Every time there is an earthquake, the virtual earthquake shudders out from social media. Twitter and facebook messages alongside emailed news alerts followed by a flurry of text messages are a regular series of events in the wake of each tremor as you rush to check whanau and friends are okay.

The truly awful thing is that as nerve wracking and anxiously stressful feeling the virtual earthquake is, it can't remotely compare to the fear of actually living there.

The poor buggers.

I think we find strength in the hope and vision that the rebuilt city is worthy of our innovation, creativity, green technology and makes the Christchurch rebuild a confident step into the future. On this front all our political leaders have failed to articulate a vision that brings strength and purpose for those living through it. All I hear is what we can't do, let's hear what we can do. We can make sure people in Canterbury are warm enough this winter by getting them the services they need now. We are going into Winter, this is an emergency and we are not reacting nearly fast enough.

Surely we can strive to make Canterbury warm this Winter?



At 15/6/11 10:27 am, Blogger Dominic said...

Doesn't help having redbaiting philistines as pillars of the community:

"SIR GIL SIMPSON. Software entrepreneur

[Luddites] are out in force. They're called the greens. Our colours are red and black, not green. We must not turn the middle of the city into a cycle park. People must have access to it by car – if anything, access to it by car should be made easier. People decide where the centre is – if they turn it into a big skateboard park, forget it. We mustn't forget – 50,000 people work there.

And this business about moving the CBD is nuts. Christchurch has a natural form that's a radial pattern; any planner's model that tries to do away with that is doomed. Good things happen naturally. You want a framework – but we don't want Stalingrad the second. We don't want Christchurchgrad".

At 15/6/11 11:16 am, Blogger dave said...

The people of Christchurch will not get any joy from the NACTs or any other regime that puts profits before people. The people of Christchurch are facing the run around from private insurance and their NACT government and trampled on by CERA. Here is plenty of proof that major disasters, even those contributed to by the greed of capitalist plunder of nature, require state solutions, paid for by those same privileged who have profited from the Canterbury regional economy. But no confidence can be placed in the NACT regime to rise to this occasion, its interest is to rebuild Christchurch to advance the interests of property speculators and the banks, to hell with the workers.
The people of Christchurch should be demanding the state buys and provides for free suitable sites for relocating East Christchurch, making non-interest state advance loans for rebuilding, and do it now!

At 15/6/11 12:39 pm, Blogger Brendon O'Connor said...

A vision eh, so that's what you want. And prey tell where is that vision going to come from? Parker? Key? Brownlee? Brash? If any vision will come from any of them then Christchurch will be built of navel lint.

At 15/6/11 7:31 pm, Blogger Tim said...

As someone astutely pointed out on RNZ this morning, CERA already have corporate uniforms, YET those they supposedly serve are still left wondering.
Que CERA CERA, Whatever will be will be....The Future's not ours to see....Que CERA CERA

Despite the fact that banks, insurance companies, other institutions have had a priority knowledge.

Keep it up Gerry! Que CERA CERA


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