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Thursday, June 09, 2011

Paula Bennett massages dole numbers and NZ Herald buys it

The original title of this news story in the NZ Herald was Beneficiary numbers drop by 5000 - they've edited it now to Beneficiary numbers drop again after it turns out the numbers haven't dropped in the manner Paula Bennett pretends.

The truth is that Paula Bennett's crippling welfare stick over carrot regime is already in place (she began cutting them off during Christmas) and were responsible for dumping 1000 off and 2600 hadn't reapplied in time and were cut off. What she is in fact doing is just throwing people off Welfare and claiming that the policy is working!!! They aren't onto jobs, they are rotting in poverty!

NZ Herald Chief Political commentator John Armstrong in the weekend was writing about how National have to date been able to keep the true depth of the Welfare reforms from public attention...

"Where this revolution really shows itself is in the document's push for much greater private sector involvement in state agencies' delivery of public services".

...this beneficiary reform is really the private sector corporatization of welfare services, allowing the Government to get out of their!

As for the plan to start promoting temporary sterilization of the poor as social policy, in 2008, the sleepy hobbits were claiming the stormtroopers of the Nanny State dykeocracy were trying to kick down their front doors to ram power saving lightbulbs and water saving showerheads down their throat. How come the sterilization of people in poverty isn't Nanny State Political Correctness gone mad yet water saving showerheads and power saving lightbulbs are?

Threatening to cut a mothers benefit once her kid hits 1 year old is all good and dandy, but what happens once you do that? Shouldn't a one year old actually stay with their mother rather than a state provided care giver at the tender age of one? Isn't this redneck kneejerk hatred dressed up as social policy supposed to be the kind of bullshit getting knocked down by Gluckman's report on early development of children?

Shouldn't we be focused on evidence based social policy rather than right wing bogeymen crap that is counter productive and serves corporate right wing interests rather than the interests of the country?

Ugly times in the land of the uptight crowd.



At 9/6/11 11:03 pm, Blogger Nitrium said...

These type of shenanigans is exactly why the headline unemployment rate can't be relied upon to give an accurate picture of actual unemployment. The key metric for employment is the "labour force participation rate" - what percentage of people able to work, are actually working. You can only tax people that have jobs - looking at the current NZ budget there seems to be slight disparity between income and expenses. Needless to say, the participation rate figure is never reported by the media.


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