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Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Nation and q+a review

Last weeks ratings
Still no ratings through from TVNZ - are they now that unreliable?

The Nation
I have to be honest and admit I missed this mornings The Nation. I was flying back from Wellington where I was doing a celebrity politics debate for Labour and after the Mana win I was too busy doing victory laps of the venue yelling 'we won, you lost'. I interrupted the debate to announce Hone had won, great chance to explain to my Labour comrades that a Mana win was the only way Goff beats Key-Brash.

Oh the laughs I've had.

So I was late to watch The Nation, but that's no great loss, if I want to know what The Nation are thinking I can just go to John Key's facebook page as they are pretty much the same thing. It's a pity as i would have loved to watch Duncan Garner being forced to climb down from his hone hate and try and justify how they as msm got it so wrong. They parroted the 1% line and it actually turns out it was over 7%, they called it neck and neck between Brown and Banks as well, they are wrong, have been continuously wrong, the mainstream media's reliance on the same safe commentators making the same safe bullshit predictions should impact much more harshly on ratings than they currently do.

There is an electorate of poverty that the msm doesn't even bother to acknowledge even when that electorate of poverty prove them and their bullshit predictions wrong!

Opening Monologue could have gone way further on Alasdair Thompson, the entire thing should have been about Alasdair.

The same tired baby boomer pundits offering the same tired baby boomer ideas. You can actually hear the dinosaurs roaring in the background. No mention of how wrong Q+A got the TTT electorate.

Guyon outrageously called TTT for for Kelvin, he was wrong, way wrong and yet not a flicker of that when he starts his soft interview with Phil Heatly who is destroying state housing by throwing the poor onto the scrap heap.

Yawns from the baby boomer pundits about throwing the poor onto the streets. National are so arrogant and pumped up by David Farrar's bullshit brainfart telephone polls telling them they have 60% support mean they don't even pause in crucifying the poor. By forcing all state house tenants to move every 3 years or kick them to he road, all we will see are transient, unstable communities with massive over crowding issues.

Not one mention of those poverty issues.

No surprises there, but surely being NZ on Air funded it should actually articulate those wider social concerns rather than patsy interviews to National Party Ministers?

Bob's on chatting about red zones. I actually think the Government have done the best they can in Christchurch, where I criticize them is in the lack of vision which is so important for people to have hope.

Tired analysis by the baby boomer pundits, seeing as the msm got the election so wrong, who cares what they have to say? They don't understand the wider rammifications of Mana in any way shape or form.

Citizen A on Stratos TV Freeview 21 and Sky 89 7.30pm this Friday will have a far better analysis of events.



At 26/6/11 11:12 am, Blogger slydixon said...

Nasty agest streak creeping into your blog Bomber. Thosevof us born before 1961 can help it no more than we can help being born Maori or male.

At 26/6/11 11:48 am, Blogger fatty said...

slydxon, are you suggesting baby boomers are the victims of ageism?

I don't think you get ageism...it is perpetuated by the baby boomers, not against them.

At 26/6/11 7:13 pm, Blogger Volnay said...


At 26/6/11 9:56 pm, Blogger slydixon said...

Yes it was a typo not dementia and no it the run of a normal day nobody by my thankless children mock my age. However the pejorative use of the term baby boomer in Bombers post seemed unpleasantly like a pigeon holing exercise.

At 28/6/11 5:18 pm, Blogger fatty said...

Is it possible to only accept coherent posts?...I have no idea what slydixon is trying to say.
Although I must admit, its a good way to win and finish an argument...I lose.


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