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Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Nation and q+a review

Last weeks ratings
Still no ratings through from TVNZ - are they now that unreliable?

The Nation
Realistic review of how screwed Christchurch is and what real economic impact that will bring about. We find strength in the hope and vision that the rebuilt Christchurch is worthy of our innovation, creativity, green technology and makes the Christchurch rebuild a confident step into the future, but on this front all our political leaders have failed to articulate that vision that brings strength and purpose for those living through it. All I hear is what we can't do, let's hear what we can do. We can make sure people in Canterbury are warm enough this winter by getting them the services they need now. We are going into Winter, this is an emergency and we are not reacting nearly fast enough. Surely we can strive to make Canterbury warm this Winter?

Duncan is claiming that Hone will lose, nice inclusion of Colin James as a regular, he points out without a mandate Mana has limited traction. I think the best analysis of why Hone will win is here and I'm surprised that after the Len Brown and John Banks 'neck and neck' call last time the mainstream media wouldn't want to get stung in the arse again.

We should get China to rebuild Christchurch.

The problem with putting Gerry in charge is that Gerry is in charge.

Len Brown is on, armed with Slaters and Cameron Brewers attack lines, this could be a slaying. Montage of all Len promised lined up with lies by the Government regarding rail, and taniwhar scare mongering.

Len does better than I thought, and does a pretty fair job of holding his ground (Sean is very gentle it must be noted), but Len needs to be firmer about putting the boot into Central Government to get Aucklanders money back for infrastructure.

Len speaks broadly and encompassing about Aucklanders, his instincts on that connection shows he will win again, he brings Aucklanders with him, he doesn't split them up and play them off against each other, that's something Banks couldn't understand.

Guest panel is Ralston, Slater and Chris Trotter. Finally a panel with bite. Trotter backs Len. Ralston says Government will pay for the rail eventually. Slater is so meek on The Nation it's hilarious. They all note Christchurch is fucked. Bill bitches about the left wing blogs who can't stand him any longer.

Peter Townsend and Matt McCarton join Dr Jon on the panel.

Monologue up and running. Earthquake. Not funny. Question. Answer. Question question. Answer, answer.

Gerry on explaining the lack of doing anything. Paul asks the hard questions about why people would want to go to Christchurch, he puts a good face on it, but it isn't very convincing.

Panel gets stuck into the Governments incompetence at dealing with Christchurch - they have the power of God after all. The size of how screwed Christchurch is makes a vision for Christchurch so much more important. People need hope.

Profile on Winston. Why? Why? Why? Guyon gets handed the job of having to deal with him. Jesus he looks old. Is he dead? They start fighting after the second question - he's alive. They bicker like an old couple. Guyon claims Winston has had his website hacked after Winston claims his policies on that site aren't correct.

It becomes a farce after the fourth question.

Winston snarls at the end - "I'm still relevant".

God he's funny!



At 19/6/11 1:06 pm, Blogger Brendon O'Connor said...

So how come this government prioritises the rebuild of Christchurch by dumping Gerry on us. The smarmiest, lazy, arrogant, done nothing in business ever MP is all Christchurch and this country deserves is beyond a joke. It shows how incompetent tis Governments response is if they think Gerry is the answer.

At 19/6/11 3:47 pm, Blogger Sam Hill said...

Bomber, NZ First has much more relevance in this country than you might like to admit. Guyon is struggling to cope with the media storm blowing over from last election with Winston Peters. John Key fears Peters more than he fears any other leader in this country, and voters are going to pick up on that as this campaign progresses.

At 19/6/11 11:12 pm, Blogger fatty said...

I think having Gerry leading the rebuild may have worked if it wasn't for KFC releasing their Double Down Burger around the same time.
Its not so much Gerry's fault, just
bad timing


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