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Monday, June 13, 2011

More bias by NZ Herald against Mana

The bias against Hone and Mana by the NZ Herald is incredible, they wrote 3 anti Hone editorials in 2 weeks which is unprecedented in NZ political media history and todays story is just another example of the framing they implement to diminish the momentum of Mana.

The headline is Harawira by a whisker, but fails to note from their own straw poll that 21 voted Hone and a mere 11 voted Kelvin! The real headline should read 'Possible landslide to Mana'.

Let's not forget, the NZ Herald also predicted Len Brown and John Banks were 'neck and neck'. In a recession their polling methodology to reflect the opinions of the poor have been terribly thrown off track.

As for the Native Affairs Poll about to be released tonight, come on - a landline only poll in one of the poorest electorates in the country? I'm surprised Kelvin didn't get 60% support rather than losing to Hone by 1%.

The people of Te Tai Tokerau face an option to ignite a political waka in the form of Mana that will change NZ politics or elect Kelvin who will already be present thanks to the Labour Party list.

No by-election has ever meant so much to the National political dynamic.

If the Maori Party vote collapses, the consideration MUST be to run against them in the Maori electorates, a party that weak is no longer functioning in the best interests of all.



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