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Friday, June 10, 2011

Mana Party 36.2% Party Vote: Majority Party Stuff.co.nz Poll

Mana Party shows its online activist prowess with Mana Party obtaining 36.2% on todays stuff.co.nz online poll making it the majority party.

Such eye watering online co-ordination seem to have caught the other parties flat footed and tired. The result should be dedicated to the late great Gil Scott-Heron's The Revolution will not be televised'. I think he'd be thrilled to know the revolution will be online.

Interesting by-election poll results coming out tomorrow for the Te Tai Tokerau electorate suggesting Maori Party collapse and Mana Party landslide.



At 10/6/11 5:51 pm, Blogger Morgan Godfery said...

Agreed, Bomber. I was surprised when I popped over to vote to see Mana so high. Great result and, as you say, a tribute to Mana's online co-ordination. I hope the party can reproduce this result on the ground in TTT.

At 10/6/11 6:22 pm, Blogger peteremcc said...

Stuff's poll is notoriously easy to multi-vote on.

At 10/6/11 6:26 pm, Blogger Max D Coyle said...

Bahaha, much more accurate before the 'Cookie Cutters' got to it and Mana was sitting on 1.2% as seen here http://on.fb.me/koZ0hv - Good work though Bomber et all, that's a few clicks there! Good to show Stuff that perhaps they need to include individual IP addresses as another safety measure

At 10/6/11 8:20 pm, Blogger Tim said...

Quel surprise! (if that's the masculine version of the phrase).
What does that say Pita? We always knew Tariana was scratching her menopausal itch (sorry for the unPC statement of "the reality is"), but the loyalty was misplaced. TT - revenge is never a good basis on which to form an opposition - as you yourself would preach.
Stiff Cheese! Tuff Luck! next........next.....next

"How the Maori Party became the Murry Party" ---- scoop! exclusive!

At 11/6/11 12:39 pm, Blogger Tiger Mountain said...

Ok, Farrar could have organised 1000s for Natz if he was so inclined, but the result shows that Mana supporters are paying attention and using social media.


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