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Thursday, June 09, 2011

Love the JAFA, hate the JAFM - why does Steven Joyce hate Auckland?

Steven Joyce has come out and told Aucklanders they don't get their electrified rail loop because his cost analysis is predictably lower than the Super Citys. Why does Steven hate rail so much? Was he bullied by Thomas the Tank engine as a child?

Over the last decade and a half, Auckland has given Wellington over 7 billion in transport related taxes, in return Wellington has given back less than half in Auckland's infrastructure.

Auckland isn't asking for more money from Wellington, we are just wanting back what we've paid in transport taxes, and Steven Joyce, who never liked the electrified rail loop has cooked the books to stop the the rail loop, but have over $2 billion to blow on the holiday highway north of Puhoi.

Less than 8% of Aucklanders commute, if we want efficient motorways so that out goods can get to market more productively we have to get Aucklanders out of their cars and onto public transport, and the only way that's transfer will occur is if the public transport is reliable, fast and comfortable.

By consistently delaying the rail loop, Steven Joyce not only deny's Aucklanders access to infrastructure investment they've already paid for, he flies in the face of the landslide mandate Len Brown was given to force central Government to spend money on public transport.

Why does National hate Auckland so much and love motorways? love the Jaffa, hate the Jafm



At 9/6/11 8:13 pm, Blogger dave said...

NACTs don't hate Auckland, only Auckland workers who are expected to beg rides, step over corpses on railines or hitchhike around gridlock to get to work, while the speculators, bankers and gentry take their Beemers for spins up and down the holiday highways between bored meetings. Auckland is bit like Egypt, we kicked out the evil Bankster only to have the US Embassy controlling us from Wellington.


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