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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Kronic hysteria

Teen death: Kronic's role probed
An investigation is under way into what role synthetic cannabis may have played in a car crash that claimed the life of a teenager.

With all due respect - what? A terrible loss of life for a teenager, but the mere suggestion that Kronic is involved and we need an investigation do we?

Look I have no time for this Kronic crap, if I want to smoke something it sure as bloody hell won't be some weird synthetic crap, but what I find amusing is the speed with which Kronic hysteria can suddenly dominate media attention because of one possible death when we know hundreds are dying from booze and cars.

One death from Kronic and we need to ban something, thousands are being injured and killed on the roads because of booze and apparently we can't do a bloody thing because this Government have spent so much political capital on building the Nanny State myth into a bogeyman meaning they are unable to implement any social policy for fear of stirring the Political Correctness Frankenstein monster they've spent so much time building up.

If we can move so quickly to restrict Kronic because of one possible death on the roads, then this Governments inaction on getting booze out of Supermarkets, banning booze advertising and lowering the blood alcohol levels now is pure hypocrisy.



At 19/6/11 12:48 pm, Blogger slydixon said...

Totally agree. Stuff had the shock headline that one person per week was turning up at A&E because of Kronic. This makes it less dangerous than household chores. Whilst the concept of fake THC is an anathema to me the hysterical response is clear bogus and political.

At 19/6/11 2:48 pm, Blogger dcrown said...

I heard on RNZ this week that they need to establish a regime to asses new drugs by to establish whether they are safe. However they were concerned that alcohol would fail to pass any such test. We are seriously lacking a reasoned science based debate on the drugs which lets to much emotion and stereotypical views creep into the discussion.

At 19/6/11 11:09 pm, Blogger fatty said...

Its a shame Stuff has resorted to those sort of headlines.
Lets hope they even out their coverage, maybe a reaction from Family First's Bob McDickhead?

At 21/6/11 10:40 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who is paying the Herald to do the Kronic smear campaign, their liquor advertisers? Its obvious they have a secret agenda to have this stuff fully prohibited, perhaps because it shows people that real cannabis should also be legalized and regulated without the sky falling in? I wonder how many people visit A&E each week after consuming too much caffeine?


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