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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I'm sick of both Penguins

I'm getting bored of this penguin (the other penguin, not David Farrar). We've got X-rays of it now and hourly news bulletins. Don't get me wrong, I don't wish the penguin (the other penguin, not David Farrar) any ill will, it's just that every time I see ANOTHER story on that penguin (the other penguin, not David Farrar) is, 'isn't this time spent better talking about the 5000 people in poverty who have just been doomed to over crowding, transient neighborhoods and constant unsettlement by the national Governments burning of State Housing? Sure, it's a bloody great big penguin (you know I'm not talking about short arse now), but Phil Heatley just set fire to the State Housing stock live on TV's Q+A!

Shouldn't there be a wee bit more focus on the poor living with third world poverty diseases caused by poverty housing rather than a bloody great big Penguin?

Talking of the Penguin - yes David Farrar. I find his bullshit backpedal on why he got it so wrong in the Te Tai Tokerau by-election is extra hilarious because David was actually on the episode of TVNZ7's Backbenchers predictions show last year with me when I argued why Hone would launch a new Maori Left Party using his Te Tai Tokerau electorate with a sub 5% threshold representation strategy. David can't pretend he didn't know the strategy, Daivid can't pretend he wrote my prediction off and scoffed at it and David can't pretend that despite everything he tried to do to stop a resurgent left wing movement he couldn't and he got it wrong.

The cherry on the top of this shitcake is that David insinuated Hone's demise in the Herald and then backpedals on Stuff so that he doesn't have to be accountable to either.

Why this state propagandist continues to sell his failed methodology ridden cheap telephone brainfart polls as gospel and that the NZ Herald STILL CONTINUE to provide him with an unchallenged platform to spread the Government's message is systematic of the outright bias that passes as mainstream media in this country.



At 28/6/11 8:54 am, Blogger Buffalo Bob said...

Does Ma ma ma Matt not comment in the Herald anymore?

At 28/6/11 9:22 am, Blogger Bomber said...

Hey Buffalo Bob, Bomber Bradbury here. How you doin? You must be like the 7th dumb right wing troll to walk straight into this so don't be too upset with your take down, but let it be a lesson that you can't be bringing that trash into my court.

The reason why Matt is different (the stuttering thing was a bit silly seeing as it suggests a superiority you clearly don't have and won't have by the end of this post) Buffalo Bob is because his column is up against Deborah Coddington's column. You remember Debs eh Buf? The Right Wing ACT Party MP? In fact this example is exactly what I'm asking in reference to David isn't it you clown? David has an unchallenged online role as a weekly NZ Herald political commentator when he is in fact the Government's main online propagandist.

All I have asked is that they show balance, at least stuff.co.nz attempts some balance with Pagani (but lets be honest, that's a fucking stretch calling him 'left'. He's like 1980's 'left') - the NZ Herald should as well.

Thanks for inadvertently proving my point without thinking it through though. This is where you go silent and don't post back Buf.

At 28/6/11 12:25 pm, Blogger Frank said...

"Buffalo Bob" - demonstrating the intellectual stamina of the Right Wing without any assistance from lefties.

How the hell do they tie their shoelaces in the morning?!

At 29/6/11 8:21 am, Blogger franky said...

kapow!!kabam a hammering right cross to the beak followed by a thundering left hook to the questionable penguin nuts,jolly good show batman.franky says.


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