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Thursday, June 09, 2011

The Hughes Affair

-from twitter soon after the announcement yesterday.

"Falsely accused"? Really?

If it was false then why isn't the accuser being charged? So, yeah.... hmmm. Not exactly the exoneration Hughes wants or asserts. The cops reckon they don't have enough to make a successful prosecution - that's the situation - classic he said she he said scenario. Hughes left under a cloud and emerged yesterday still shrouded in something of a dense mist. All the talk about the traps of plotting a parliamentary come-back is rather premature.

The Labour loyalty may be staunch - even if misplaced in the case of another former minister, Taito Philip Field - but there's no way the party will have him back anytime soon after such a rapid and public fall from grace. And as for the mention in his statement about being supported by "decent Kiwis"!? You would think a scandal involving a teenager fleeing naked from his place would have precluded any reference to decency. Unfortunately for both Hughes and his would-be victim no one apart from them is in a position to know what actually happened. Very untidy.


At 9/6/11 2:11 pm, Blogger Tim said...

@Tim....let's NOT forget that we actually KNOW SFA.
Why isn't the accuser being charged? - well maybe the cops (using their discretion) think he's gone through enough and see no merit in it other than to satisfy a public's preoccupation with celebrity voyeurism - one possibility.
What happened? Who the Fuck actually knows, AND REALLY WHY do they care so much? - perhaps some twink thought he was onto an OK thing, but freaked when it came to being confronted with Ginga pubes - WHO FRIKKEN KNOWS!!! Perhaps he took off - and as we know, was in the nik in Hataitai.
Do we even KNOW whether that twink ACTUALLY wanted to proceed with the whole thing, or whether the Police (in caring and sharing mode - and there are a few that actually do) suggested he proceed.

Do we ACTUALLY KNOW what the circumstances were? AND further more - why is it any of "OUR" fucking business?

I could think of at least one journalist - quick to accuse that isn't foreign to the Houghton Bay rythym. Pity his new wife!

FFS...Give this voyeuristic preoccupation with the private lives and happenings of our supposed celebs a miss. The economy is tanking! People are starving. We're the 7th worst ranked nation where the gap between rich and poor is getting worse.
Fuk Darren Hughes's private life.
His "accuser's" (and EVEN THAT is a term that doesn't seem to be born out by his uncle - he may have actually been given to be an accuser by those 'advising' him rather than his genuine wish) have gone quiet.

Then there is the issue of Goff's handling of the situation. Much as I think the dikhead is ineffectual, I can think of a thousand reasons why he handled the issue the way he did - not the least of which is that actually - ALL this shit is a complete load of kaka, and secondary to the issues that even YOU now seem to be captured by!
FFS - does anyone else now see why this current regime are getting away with the shit they are?
Don't pretend this is about a principle! It's about something that is really fucking trivial. The "victim" has a number of support mechanisms available to him - he obviously never encountered bright ginga pubes before, or various other freakies.
He's not the first... or the last! I've an ex-wife who could attest to many in similar predicaments as she has dealt with traumatised young gay males (some of who went on to top themselves) getting themsleves into "situations".
FOR FUCKS SAKE Tim - Move along...this ISN'T a STORY that is more worthy of space or time than a host of other crap that is going on.
I could give you any NUMBER of sad-assed events that look similar - but for the fact that they don;t involve celebs: The Ethiopian refugee without family or friends, living in a fucking broken down car...inelligable for benefits....sucking his cleaning supervisor's dik to ensure he retains his job! [FOR EXAMPLE].

If I see another post about this
Darren Hughes crap - you've lost me as a follower of Tumeke


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