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Monday, June 13, 2011

Government hack Labour Party and use Slater for cover

Labour investigates breach of database
Labour Party is investigating what it calls a "malicious breach" of its website after right-wing blogger Cameron Slater began to release inside party information he had obtained.

Labour's president, Moira Coatsworth, said yesterday that the party was concerned personal information of donors and members could be used in a "politically motivated" way after an online contact database was "exploited" through a weakness in security.

Slater was tipped off by a National Party Hacker using an internet address belonging to the National Party to first test the Labour Party server. The Labour Party server recorded this first attempt to take the information without authority.

Why haven't the Police been called to investigate this clear case of hacking by the Government of another political party? This isn't a case of a proxy like Slater using info he's found, it was a National Party internet address that was caught first trying this and they're using Slater to hide the fact they hacked it.

Don't just shoot the messenger, shoot the messenger AND the National Party hacker who leaked this to the messenger.

After Slater had his and David Farrar's secret pledge with corporate political mercenary Lusk to smear MMP on-line discovered, the National Party seem to have decided to direct Slater's talents directly, rather than allow him to bumble along on his own.

Cactus Kate has redeemed herself in my eyes with her hilarious explanation as to why her name has come up as a Labour Party doner.



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